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Homeostasis Maintaining the body's internal environment in a steady state despite a wide range of environmental conditions
Whats Maintained in Homeostasis? Body temperature, blood pH, and glucose concentration.
Nervous System Sends high speed electrical signals along specialised cells called neurons to organs to countract deviations from balanced state.
Endocrine system Glands that secrete messenger molecules i.e hormones into the blood-slower but longer acting responses such as reproduction, development, energy metabolism, growth, and behaviour.
Receptor Neuron that senses changes in the enviroment. Typically sends nerve impulses or chemical signals to control centre.
Control Centre -sets range of values which must be maintained-evaluates inputs from receptors-generates output commands/responses-typically nerve impulses, hormones, chemical signals.
Effector -Recieves signal from control centre.-produces response/effect that changes controlled condition.
Negative Feedback System Reverses/counteracts a change caused by a stimulus.Minimises/eliminates effects of stimulus.Reestablising homeostasis.
Positive Feedback System Strengthens a change caused by a stimulus
Endocrine System Maintains homeostasis- regulates activity and growth of target cellsin the bodyHormones regulate metabolism
Hormones •chemical messenger molecules •secreted into circulatory systeme•communicate regulatory messages within the body•Act on target cellsPresent in blood, milk, urine
6 types of Hormone classes 1.peptites2.polypeptides3.protein hormomes4.glycoprotein5.amines6.steroids
Peptide (2 Examples) GnRH Gonadotropin Releasing HormoneOxytocin
Polypeptides Adrenalcorticotropic Hormone
Protein Hormones Growth hormone, insulinProlactin
Glycoprotein Protein hormone with carbohydrate molecule
Amines Epinepgrine, norepinephrine, melatonin
Steroids Testosterone Progestrone
Endocrine glands Secrete Directly into ECF and travel via the blood stream
Exocrine glands Secrete into ducts that empty onto tge surface of a covering eg. Skin.X d

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