Honor and Courage Essay

The award is honesty. equity. or unity in one’s beliefs and actions ; and the bravery is the quality of head or spirit that enables a individual to confront life troubles. This two values depends one to the other and in hard state of affairss you have to hold bravery to support your award and the good values that you have. For this ground Honor and bravery are basic on human lives and it is imperative to learn these values and give them the most importance. Both of the two values represent who we are and how brave we are to face life troubles ; but I ask to myself did these values have to be sacrificed to be accepted or to do us look better?

It is astonishing how in the declaration of independency is mention the award and the award is non normally see in our day-to-day lives. Maybe it is because people don’t have bravery to face their jobs and preferred to lie alternatively of stating the truth. Or it is because people have fright of what the people will believe? The deficiency of award has been shown in the addition of offenses and unfairnesss in our universe ; it has been shown in the day-to-day footing when pupils copy from others alternatively of doing the work or when people pretend to be your friend and in your back talk bad about you. We merely give our award to do us look better.

The bravery is what makes us stronger it is how courageous we are is merely how mature you are to face day-to-day things. The bravery is what we all said that we have but in hard minutes is so hard to allow it out: it is so hard possibly for us to be courageous and state what we think or want. Possibly that is the ground for us to free our award. because we want to salvage us from troubles we want to be accepted we want to be better than the others. We sacrifice these values. this values that represent what we are. The bravery should be one of the most of import things in our lives because on the manner of our life we will be many troubles and if we don’t have bravery we will non be able to support ourselves.

These two values are what describe us as individuals our word. what we said. what we represent and what we feel. I will speak for my personal experience with these two values. I had to give my repute and friends because I have bravery and award I say what I think how I think it. I have denounce many times things that I don’t like or that I think that are incorrect ; and I will non tray to paint myself as the 1 that is the most honest because. I have copy homework’s and I have lie. but things that are of import or incorrect we have to state it and denounce it because we ne’er know when something that we hide to protect ourselves our insulate ourselves from the “what they will said” could be hurtful for us or for others. Possibly when you say it you will free things but in the manner you will detect that the right things are what make us turn and be better individuals.

I conclude based on my personal experiences that we should hold these two values present in every move we make. We want to be remembered as honorable individuals. and we will see that if we have these values present we will be better. We should learn others to hold award and bravery. We need to turn as a society ; we can’t acquire stuck because of our repute or the effects that we will hold for stating the truth. At the beginning of this essay I merely look at this values as words but now that I have been doing this essay for two hours and internalising it I think that this values are what specify us and that we could do a better society if we use them more frequently. we have to do these values a day-to-day thing.

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