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In order to enhance and increase the value of my home, renovating and upgrading my

town home will increase its value once and if I decide to sell, and provide me with a comfortable place to call home. This statement of work is a narrative description of the work required for upgrading my town home. The selection criterion was based on quality of work, reliability, rapport, and on-time performance. My objective is to keep the cost within my budget to one that I will be comfortable with.Based on research and cost estimates, I will benefit from the companys work.

The customer, Home Depot, and installers must agree on the following: Understand tasks assigned to her/him and commit to realistic specifications and deadlines.The installers must show up on time and be prepared for work



The sub-tasked departments of this project are Home Depots carpet installers and kitchen cabinet installers. The Home Depot will provide the following specifications to the customer:


1.1.1. In-home inspections, measurement and pre-construction conference

1.1.2.Site visit by installer to review project with customer

1.1.3.Removal of cabinets, laminate countertops and sink

1.1.4.Install new cabinets, laminate countertops, scribe and corner moldings filler strips, toe kicks, and cabinet hardware

1.1.5.Disconnect and reconnect plumbing and venting to existing service in same location

1.1.6.Replacement of plumbing (trap, shut-off valves and supply tubes within 3 of existing plumbing)

1.1.7.Daily clean-up of job site, bagging debris to curbside

1.1.8.Final inspection with customer

1.1.9.Lifetime warranty on labor

2.1. Rip-up existing carpet & cushion & haul away

2.1.1.Delivery of merchandise

2.1.2.Tack and cushion or glue down carpet

2.1.3.Flat and tap down metal transition

2.1.4.Clean-up of job site and bagging to curbside

2.1.5.Vacuum and final inspection with customer

2.1.6.Lifetime warranty on labor


3.1.No work will be done on Sundays of holidays

3.1.1.Installer will call customer within 2 working days of receipt of goods to set date for install

3.1.2.Customer must be present during install and inspect job when complete

3.1.3.Installer will exercise caution when removing existing cabinets or countertops

3.1.4.Permits will be pulled by the Home Depot installer

3.2.Customer must disconnect and move all electronic equipment (stereo, vcr, TVs and computers)

3.2.1.To assure a problem free installation, CUSTOMER MUST EMPTY all china cabinets, entertainment centers, bookcases, and closets. Move all breakables such as lamps, vases, mirrors, wall hangings, pictures, any item of sentimental value, etc

3.2.2.Installer does not install carpet in wet or damp applications

3.2.3.Electric and heat must be on prior to install

3.2.4.Due to Health Provisions, installers cannot rip-up or haul away animal soiled or flea infested carpet


Roles that need to be filled to complete this project are listed below. These duties may be shared and a team member’s role may change over time.

Project Manager – Produces the “work breakdown structure” with the teams input (i.e., the list of tasks, who is responsible for each task, and deadlines); assigns tasks based on consensus; reviews status of tasks in meetings and makes adjustments to plans–also on a consensus basis

Systems Analyst – Determines customer needs and translates them into data flow diagrams, a database design, and rough designs for forms and reports

InstallersProvide all necessary tools, materials, and equipment to install carpet and cabinets. Complete the installation in a workmanlike manner and in accordance with all applicable codes and ordinances

CustomerArrange for an independent contractor, determine design, style, and color of cabinets and carpet. Provide payment for services requested



Home DepotSelection of cabinets and carpets

Create a preliminary design

In store consultation

Confirmed Measurements

Clyde Dent Carpet InstallersInstallation and support of carpet

American Wood mark CabinetsOffers many designs in combinations of

Style, materials, and finish


Month One


oDemonstrate project need and feasibility

oBenefits to be obtained by renovating

oThink of design for the kitchen

Month Two


oSetup appointments with different businesses/contractors

oSelect design

Month Three

oReceive price quotes

oDetermine work to be done

oEstimate duration for each activity

oProvide schedule in the form of Gantt charts, network diagrams and milestone charts

oDetermine cost estimates for completing each activity

oBuild a spending plan

oFinalize plans

Month Four

oSetup date for schedule of work

oInspect work

oProject complete



Project 1. Research for most cost affective company

Task 1: Decide whether to remodel, if so develop initial action plan

Task 2: Calculate anticipated costs

Task 3: Schedule an in-home inspection, measurement and pre-construction conference

Task 4: Schedule a site visit by installer

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