HIT114 Chapter 1 Health Information Management Profession

Early history of Health Info Management prior to hospital standardization
Minimal documentation
No management of processes
Incomplete records filed
No standardized vocabulary
Hospital standardization in 1918
It was started by the American College of Surgeons
Purpose of Hospital standardization
*raise standards of surgery-minimum quality standards
*Health record processes created
(Organization of the Association of Record Librarians)
American Record Librarians of North American (ARLNA)
Created in 1928
58 charter members
Now know as American Health Information Management Association(AHIMA)
(OARL)Approval of Formal Education and Certification Programs
*First approved program in 1934
*Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education ( CAHIIM)
*Certification Board
Certification Board
Created eligibility criteria for certification with examination.
Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM)
Evolution of Practice
1st-American Association of medical Record Librarians (AAMRL 1944)
2nd-American Medical Record Association (AMRA 1970)
3rd-American Health Information Management Association ( AHIMA 1991)
In 1991, Association leaders believed that the management of ________ ,rather than the management of records, would be the primary function of the profession in the future.
Registered Record Administrator (RRA)
previous credential name for Registered Health Information Administrator( RHIA)
Accredited Record Technician (ART)
Previous credential title/name for Registered Health Information Technician ( RHIT )
Traditional Practice
Practices-Record content and processes, storage and retrieval.
Settings: hospital HIM department, Government agencies, Consulting companies and more.
Information-Oriented Management Practice
Information governance
Information governance
The future of HIM
Electronic health record(EHR)
Focus-Coding skills, data governance, leadership skills
*Membership organization
*Professional development
– Education
-Lifelong learning
*Advocate for profession
*Code of Ethics
*Membership-Active, student, new graduate, emeritus, group
It is a virtual network of AHIMA members who communicate via a web-based program managed by AHIMA.
It is only open to AHIMA members
AHIMA Structure and Operation
*Components-Volunteer, staff
*Leadership- Board of Directors
*National committees
*Practice councils
*House of delegates
*Component state associations
*Chief executive officer
HIM Specialty Professional Organizations
*Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
*Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity
*American Academy of Professional Coders
*National Cancer Registrars Association
Continuing Education Units (CEU)
To maintain certification, individuals who hold any of the AHIMA’s credentials must complete designated set of these.
fellowship program
A program of earned recognition for AHIMA members who have made significant and sustained contributions to the HIM profession.
Fellow of the American Health Information Management Association (FAHIMA)
Individuals who earn fellowship use this designation title.
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
Is a non-profit organization who is “focused on better health through information technology (IT).
Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity
*It was formerly knows as the American Association for Medical Transcription.
*Is a professional organization dedicated to the capture of health data and documentation.
American Academy of Professional Coders
Educates and certifies medical coders.
They sponsors certifications in coding, medical compliance and medical auditing.
National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA)
Represents cancer registrar professionals.
Their mission is “to serve as the premier education,credentialing, and advocacy resource for cancer data professionals.
American College of Surgeons
The hospital standardization movement was inaugurated by the ________.
HIM has been recognized as a profession since _______.
Changes in technology
The HIM profession is changing due to ______.
Information Focused
The new model of HIM practiced is _______.
Department based
The traditional model of HIM practice was ________.
The organization that accredits HIM education program is _______.
Our college has applied to become accredited by CAHIIM. What is the name of the interim stage of accreditation?
House of delegates
What function governs the HIM profession?
Foster professional development of its member
The primary focus of AHIMA is to ________.
Registered Health Information Technicians
Name a certification that is administered by CCHIIM
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