History Study Sheet

who was considered the Father of Cuban Independence?
José Martí

T or F: Portugal was once a part of Spain

What does the red in the Spanish flag represent?
the bloodshed in the country’s wars

Who was the Mexican dictator during the Mexican-American War?
Santa Anna

What two animals appear on a Mexican Flag
Eagle and Serpent

What Spanish conquistador built a palace in Cuernavaca, México?
Hernán Cortés

Who is considered the national hero of Spain?
El Cid

How did Maximillian die?
Executed by a firing squad

What group of people were the first to use arches in architecture?
the Moors

What was the capital city of the Incas of Perú?

What are the dates of both Mexican
Independence Days?
September 15th and 16th

True or False:The Mexican government spends more money on education than on defense

What country destroyed the Spanish Armada?

Who was the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella?
Juana la Loca

Who was the Mexican leader at the Alamo?
Santa Anna

What group of people built the mosques in Spain?
The Moors

What does “Pre-Columbian” mean?
before Columbus’ arrival in the New World

Of what country was Panama formerly a part?

For which kind did Columbus claim the New World?

Name Columbus’ three ships
Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria

When was the Golden Age of Spanish literature?
16th and 17th centuries

How many centuries did the Moors stay in Spain?
over 8 centuries

What was Juan Perón’s first wife’s name?

Who were Spain’s moriscos?
Moslem converts to Christianity

What is the name of the institution which persecutes Jews and Moors in Spain?
The Spanish Inquistion

How many trips did Columbus make to the New World?

Who was the general who became the dictator of Spain after the Spanish civil war
Francisco Franco

What animals did the spaniards introduce to the Americas?

Who were the monarch who financed Columbus’ voyage?
Ferdinand and Isabella

What was the name of the white-skinned Aztec God?

Which Spanish explorer conquered the Inca Empire?
Francisco Pizarro

Who was the first communist leader of Cuba?
Fidel Castro

What is the oldest university in the New World?
The University of Mexico

What Mexican president was a Zapotec Indian?
Benito Juárez

On what was the Aztec city of Tenochtitlán built?
a lake

What indian tribe spoke Quechua?
the Incas

In what year did Panama assume control of the Canal Zone?

True or False: The Greeks colonized Spain.

Who was the Spanish explorer who searched for the Fountain of Youth?
Juan Ponce de León

What sickly child grew up to be a conqueror of Mexico?
Hernán Cortés

Who were the Olmecs?
an Indian tribe in Mexico

What can you see in Teotihuacán?
the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon

Who led the northern revolutionary troops in the Mexican Civil War?
Pancho Villa

What event occurred in 1985 that changed the face of Mexico City?
the great earthquake

How long did the Seven Years War last?
7 years

Which Portuguese explorer left for a voyage around the world in name of Spain in 1519?
Ferdinand Magellan

Who discovered the Strait of Magellan?
Ferdinand Magellan

Tikal is the ancient city built by what group of people?
the Mayans

What system of government is used in Mexico?

How did Moctezuma II die?
He was killed in an Aztec rebellion against the Spaniards

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