History of Wildlife Management

Tribal Taboo
Original restriction and regulation of hunting
Tribes who did this were more effective at perpetuating the game supply and more likely to survive
-Restriction of Hunting
-Predator Control
-Reservation of game lands (parks, forests, refuges, etc.)
-Artificial Replenishment (stocking, game farms, etc.)
-Environmental controls (Control of food, cover, disease, etc.)
Sequence of Wildlife Management as expanded by Hickey (1974)
Mosaic Law, Book of the Covenant
First known written restriction on harvest
Kublai Khan
(1259-1294; Mongol Empire, Asia)
First clear record of a well-established system of game management
Combined harvest regulations with food and cover management
Five Eras of Wildlife Management
1. Era of Abundance (1492-1849)
2. Era of Exploitation (1850-1899)
3. Era of Protection (1900-1929)
4. Era of Game Management (1930-1965)
5. Era of Wildlife Management (1966-Present)
Era of Abundance

Bay Colony, Massachusetts, first record of wildlife management (1630): bounty on wolves

Wolves extirpated from the Eastern US by 1840

By the time of the Revolution, 12 out of 13 colonies had closed seasons on certain species

Era of Exploitation (1850-1899)
Market hunting led to the decline of many species

Up to 75,000 ducks were marketed in a single season

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