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Many, but non all, Islamic societies pattern gender segregation in public locations such as, but non limited to, universities, mosques and the market place. For illustration, in some mosques, work forces are separated by adult females by a drape or screen. Unmarried work forces by and large do non mix with single adult females unless they are supervised by a chaperone or are at a household party. Privacy, or the pattern of keeping adult females within the place so they have no contact with the populace, is practiced as good. Although many Muslim societies pattern gender privacy and segregation, work forces and adult females in many other societies survey and work together interrupting the traditional norms of “ gendered infinite ” 13 Modern twenty-four hours sentiments vary greatly about whether the separation of sexes is necessary. On one manus, many hold that separation is unneeded while, on the other manus, others hold that modestness can be upheld through dressing suitably and the restriction of conversations between unrelated work forces and adult females to subjects of instruction and work.

“ Womans have been assigned second-class position in Islam based upon Quran 4:34, which says, ‘Men have duty for and precedence over adult females, since God has given some of them advantages over others and because they should pass their wealth [ for the support of adult females ] . ‘ ” There are Muslims who run for the actual reading of the Qur’an. These advocators believe that the gender inequalities recommended by the Qur’an apply as God ‘s societal order. Biology is frequently used as a justification for the inequalities between work forces and adult females. Biology is so of import because lone adult females can bring forth kids, the adult male must supply for the household and keep it so that the adult female can make what she is supposed to make ( raise and bear kids ) .

This chapter will supply the reader with an chance to go familiar with the beginnings of the land of Saudi Arabia every bit good as penetration into how the land governs over societal issues such as gender equality and the rights of adult females.

History of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a really late created state. The roots of Saudi Arabia lay within the eighteenth century Wahhabi motion which rendered the committedness of the really powerful and influential Saud household of the Nejd part, in cardinal Arabia. The Sauds, supported by a strong Bedouin followers, brought most of the Saudi Arabian peninsula under the household ‘s control. However, between the old ages of 1811-18, the Wahhabi motion was brought to a arrest by the boies of Muhammad Ali and the Egyptian expedition that they were taking. Although the Wahhabis one time once more gained control and influence in the mid-19th century, they were defeated in 1891 by the Rashid dynasty, which ended up deriving the most effectual power and control in the cardinal Arabian part.

The foundation of the present state we know as Saudi Arabia was laid by a descendent of the first Wahhabi swayers, Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud. Get downing with Riyadh in 1902, he reconquered the part and was the head of Nejd by 1906. Right before the First World War, Ibn Saud took over the Al-Hasa sweep from the Hejaz, which had been governing the country since 1916. The Hejaz were shortly crushed by Saud in the old ages of 1924 and 1925. It was non until 1932 that the Al-Hasa part was combined with the Nejd in order to organize the Saudi Arabian land which was ruled under Islamic jurisprudence.

In the coming old ages, many alterations and developments were in shop for Saudi Arabia. In 1936, oil was discovered by the Arabian Standard Oil Company and commercialized production was started in 1938. In 1945, the land joined the Arab League and made an understanding with the United States in 1951 which allowed for an American air base in the metropolis of Dhahran in the Eastern Province. In 1962, Ibn Saud died and was succeeded by his oldest boy, Saud.

At first, Saud supported the Nasser government of Egypt, but in 1956, in an act of resistance to Nasser, he entered into close personal businesss with the Hashemite swayers of Jordan and Iraq ( the enemies of the Saudis up until so ) . After much convulsion when Saud opposed the Egyptian and Syrian amalgamation to go the United Arab Republic in 1958 and when he dispatched assistance to the monarchist military personnels in Yemen, the Saudi household had no pick but to throw out Saud and replace him with his brother, Faisal, in November of 1964. Although dealingss with Egypt were disengaged, nevertheless, after Israel defeated Egypt in June of 1967, an understanding was made between King Faisal and Present Nasser. The understanding stated that the Egyptian ground forces was to retreat from Yemen and in return, Saudi Arabia was to halt assisting the monarchists in Yemen. By the twelvemonth 1970, Saudi Arabia had to retreat all its military personnels and it had agreed to give $ 140 million a twelvemonth to both Egypt and Jordan. With respect to the backdown of Britain from the Persian Guld part, King Faisal entered into a friendly relationship with Iran, and encouraged Arab “ sheikdoms ” that were under British control to organize the United Arab Emirates.

In June of 1974, Saudi Arabia ( after holding required tighter clasp on its oil industry in add-on to engagement in oil concerns of foreign companies ) reached an agreement with Aramco ( combination of several American oil franchises ) . This agreement was developed by the Saudi Arabian authorities as another option to nationalisation and stated that the Saudi Arabians would hold a 60 % bulk ownership of Aramco ‘s endeavors and belongingss. King Faisal played a outstanding function in the Arab oil trade stoppage of 1973 which was focused against the United States and any other state that supported Israel. Fortunately, in 1074, the cease-fire understandings between Israel and Egypt and Israel and Syria were signed and dealingss between Saudi Arabia and the United States were amended.

Womans in Saudi Arabia

“ Saudi Arabia is the lone state in the universe that bans adult females – both Saudi and foreign – from driving. The prohibition forces households to engage live-in drivers, and those who can non afford the $ 300 to $ 400 a month for a driver must trust on male relations to drive them to work, school, shopping or the physician. ”[ 1 ]

Recently, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who is considered a reformist, pronounced that adult females would be allowed to vote and run every bit campaigners in municipal council elections get downing in 2015 and promised to name adult females to the Shura Council ( an all-male guidance organic structure with no legislative power ) after two old ages. Although the male monarch promised all these positive reforms, there is still much favoritism against adult females every bit good as much room to better in respects to societal development in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is regarded as one of the most conservative of the Arab provinces. In Saudi Arabia, differences between the sexes are taught to kids at a really early age.[ 2 ]Harmonizing to an al-Saud princess, who in secret and perilously dictated her narrative for the book, Princess: A True Story of Life behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia written by Jean Sasson,

“ Convinced that adult females have no control over their ain sexual desires, it so becomes indispensable that the dominant male carefully guard the gender of the female. This absolute control over the female has nil to make with love, merely with fright of the male ‘s tarnished award. The authorization of a Saudi male is limitless ; his married woman and kids survive merely if he desires. In our place, he is the province. This complex state of affairs begins with the raising of our immature male childs. From an early age, the male kid is taught that adult females are of small value: they exist merely for his comfort and convenience. The kid witnesses the contempt shown his female parent and sisters by his male parent ; this unfastened disdain leads to his contempt of all females, and makes it impossible for him to bask friendly relationship with anyone of the opposite sex. Taught merely the function of maestro to break one’s back, it is small admiration that by the clip he is old plenty to take a brand, he considers her his movable, non his spouse. ”

The societal restrictions on Saudi Arabian adult females are huge, and the Saudi authorities defends these restrictions by stating that they are a portion of Islam ‘s philosophy ; In Saudi Arabia, the Islamic faith acts as a major influence when specifying the norms, constructions, and forms of society.[ 3 ]“ Islam is non merely a spiritual political orientation, but a whole comprehensive societal system encompassing elaborate prescriptions for the full manner of life. ”[ 4 ]The Qur’an instills that adult females are inferior to work forces merely as the Bible countenances work forces to govern over adult females. The difference between the two, nevertheless, is that in Saudi Arabia, Islamic interdictions are followed to their actual readings. For illustration, rigorous sexual segregation is practiced which deprives adult females of many educational and professional chances. The followers is a chart screening merely some of the differences between the rights of work forces and adult females in Saudi Arabia:


Work force





Marriage to a non-Saudi



Marriage to a non-Muslim




Work force can merely state, “ I divorce you, ” three times

Womans must presume a long legal procedure which is barely of all time successful

Child Detention

If he contests the instance, the adult male ever gets detention

Womans will non have detention if their ex-husband contests the instance

Borrowing of money


Womans can non borrow money under their ain names

Opening a concern


Womans can non open a concern without the blessing of their hubby or male parent



Womans can non acquire place loans or land grants from the authorities


Work force can be employed wherever they please

A adult female must obtain her household ‘ blessing for certain occupations

Travel Abroad

Work forces can go wherever they please

A adult female must depend on her household ‘s permission in order to go abroad and must be in the company of a male of her household

In add-on to the above favoritisms, there is the issue of the frock codification. The bulk of adult females in Saudi Arabia are veiled. Although the head covering was an innovation o the Ottoman Turks and the Prophet Mohammed had said that a adult females merely had to cover her hair, many Saudi Arabian adult females are either forced, or take, to have on a full head covering which covers their full face. In add-on to the head covering, Saudi adult females wear black outer garments made of either nylon or silk known as abbayat. The failure to dress harmonizing to rightness in Saudi Arabia can ensue in a switch from the spiritual constabulary in Saudi Arabia known as the Mutawa’een. In 1987, an utmost instance of penalty overseen by the mutawaeen was documented in which they caused a the married woman of the Tunisian embassador at the clip, to hold a abortion by forcing her because her hair was non covered.[ 5 ]

Although it still deemed as one of the most controversial and conservative of the Arab Countries, Saudi Arabia is working towards repairing issues with gender segregation and inequalities. In contemporary Saudi Arabia, a adult females can non be forced into a matrimony, she has the right to belongings ownership and disposal before and after her matrimony, she can inherit from the males in her household, she has the right to an instruction, and right to work in many different professions ( every bit long as it does n’t impact her duties to her household ) .

In continuance, adult females have made really narrow progresss towards their equality in the last 40 old ages, particularly in household life and instruction. In respects to instruction, the first school for adult females was created by King Saud in the 1950s. In 1960, a royal directive was introduced to enable the beginning of adult females ‘s instruction in Saudi Arabia. The figure of schools for adult females in Saudi Arabia grew from zero to sixteen in the 1950s, and up to 155 schools ten old ages subsequently.[ 6 ]Saudi adult females have been able to accomplish much educationally-wise despite the societal troubles that have been placed in their way to equality. For many adult females to hold been able to excel the utmost segregation in Saudi Arabia is surely a effort that is non to travel unnoticed. The followers is a list of the differences in the instruction made available to work forces and adult females:

Many installations that are unfastened to work forces are non unfastened to adult females

Womans have entree to libraries one time a hebdomad while work forces have entree six yearss a hebdomad

Women ‘s category sizes are larger than those of work forces

Teachers for work forces are better trained and prepared than instructors for adult females

The budget on adult females ‘s instruction is less than that of work forces

Curriculum for adult females centres more on the Qur’an and Islamic surveies instead than on faculty members

Womans are out from larning architecture, pharmaceutics, and technology

Few adult females, despite the fact that they tend to hit higher than work forces on

standardised trials, are allowed to work within the private sector because of Islamic regulations on segregation. These regulations encourage concerns to engage work forces alternatively of adult females. In add-on, many Saudi work forces refuse to get married an educated and employed adult female.

Saudi Arabia has ever been considered controversial in affairs of human rights. In Saudi Arabia, there exists a direct nexus between Islam and the workings of society. The Saudi societal construction is related to an array of types of spiritual beliefs such as spiritual doctrine, cultural regulations, and local imposts and rules. Islam, in Saudi Arabia, provides elaborate conditions sing the manner of life under Islam, in add-on to puting out the position, duties, and rights of adult females.

In my sentiment, the proper manner to repair the gender inequality issues in Saudi Arabia starts at place. It starts with educating the young person with a positive mentality that rivals the current 1 that adult females are inferior to work forces. The young person should be taught that the sexual segregation and gender inequality causes stringency which leads to intolerance of the female sex and this is detested by the true and pure significance of Islam. In add-on, the being and creative activity of adult females ‘s groups in Saudi Arabia are of import for the societal development of deriving rights and equality for adult females. These groups are of import for educating the populace, particularly work forces, of the inequalities between genders and how they cause hinderances to the development of adult females ‘s place in society.

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