history 105- Exam 2

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According to the video Trail of Tears, chiefJustice John Marshall wrote the US SupremeCourts decision in the case of Worcester v.Georgia. What did president Andrew Jacksondo in reaction of that decision?A.) He refused to support the Supreme Cour A.) Herefused tosupporttheSupremeCourtsdecision.
2. The American hero of the Battle of NewOrleans (1815) was_____________.A.) William Henry HarrisonB.) Isaac BrockC.) Horatio GatesD.) Andrew Jackson D.) AndrewJackson
3. Among the powerful men in the British NorthAmerican colonies, which would MOST likelysupport the Stamp Act?A.) John Hancock and John AdamsB.) Thomas Hutchinson and Andrew OliverC.) Samuel Adams and Thomas PaineD.) Nathaniel Green and Joseph C.) SamuelAdams andThomasPaine
4. British forces were on mission to ___ when theyskirmished with colonial militia troops atLexington and Concord in 1775.A.) Provide security for the trial of Paul Revereon charges of espionage.B.) Recover stolen tea belonging to the eastindi E.) Seizecaches ofcolonists'arms andammunition
5. Congress cannot pass a law respecting anestablishment of religion , or prohibiting thefree exercise of religion; this guarantees thefreedom of speech and of the press; peoplehave the right to assemble people peaceablyand to petition to gov't -FirstAmendmentof the USConstitution
6. The first time the US flag was raised over abattle in the Old World was at the _____________.A.) fortress in Derna, Tripoli (1805)B.) ratification of the Barbary Treaties (1797)C.) battle of the Thames when Tecumseh waskilled (1813)D.) Bast A.) fortressin Derna,Tripoli(1805)
7. The French colony of Saint Domingue (laterHaiti) was located in the western part of theisland formerly called Hispaniola. WhichEuropean colonial power occupied the easternpart of the island?A.) EnglandB.) HollandC.) SpainD.) ItalyE.) C.) Spain
8. The French Minster to the United States who in1793 solicited American privateers to prey onBritish shipping was ______?A.) Louis VuittonB.) Charles LeclercC.) "Citizen" Edmond GenetD.) Marquis de LafayetteE.) Toussaint Louverture C.) "Citizen"EdmondGenet
9. Gen. ___________ was the victor at the Battleof __________ (1794) between Americans andNative Americans in the Old Northwest. Thesettlement was the _______________.A.) Anthony Wayne; Fallen Timbers; Treatyof Greenville.B.) Nathaniel Greene; A.) AnthonyWayne; FallenTimbers;Treaty ofGreenville.
10. In addition to the thirteen British NorthAmerican colonies that became the US,Britain's other Western Hemisphere colonythat revolted in 1776 was ____________.A.) BarbadosB.) CanadaC.) JamaicaD.) BermudaE.) None of the above. E.) None ofthe above.
11. In order to instill domestic and internationalconfidence in the newly established nation,this first U.S. secretary of the treasuresupported manufacturing, trade, andestablishing of national bank.-John Adams-Thomas Jefferson-James Madison AlexanderHamilton
12. In response to Britain's impressment of USsailors this fourth president of the usdeclared war on England in 1812.-John Adams-Thomas Jefferson-James Madison-Alexander Hamilton JamesMadison
13. The name of the Indian settlement burnedby American forces following the battle nearthe confluence of the Wabash andTippecanoe rivers was:A.) WaxahachieB.) Fort DetroitC.) MilwaukeeD.) Fort VincennesE.) Prophetstown E.)Prophetstown
14. "NO person held to service or labor in oneunder the laws thereof, escaping into another,shall, in Consequence of any Law orRegulation therein, be discharged from suchservice or labor, but shall be delivered up onClaim of the Party to whom su -Article IV,Section 2 ofthe USConstitution
15. Powers not delegated to the United States bythe Constitution, nor prohibited by its to theStates, are reserved to the Statesrespectively, or the people.-Bill of Rights-First Amendment of the US Constitution-Tenth Amendment of the US Consti -TenthAmendmentof the USConstitution
16. Some states delayed ratifying the constitutionuntil they were assured that this documentwould be added to it.-Bill of Rights-First Amendment of the US Constitution-Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution-Article IV, Section 2 of the US Cons -Bill ofRights
17. T/FAbigail Adams corresponded for many yearswith Thomas Jefferson. True.
18. T/FAbigail Adams noted that in a 1770 sermondelivered by George Whitfield, a famouspreacher, said that the colonies weredisplaying more genuine religion thanhypocritical England. True.
19. T/FAbigail Adams went to the Brattle StreetChurch in Boston to offer prayers of"thanksgiving and praise" when Colonialforces defeated British General JohnBurgoyne at Saratoga in 1777. True
20. T/FAccording to the video Trail of Tears, whenSarah Bird Northrup and John Ridge married,the people of Cornwall, Connecticutsupported the inter-racial union andapplauded the young couple. False.
21. T/FAfter the American Revolution, the British believedthat the new American republic might fail, so theysupported Indian resistance to American westwardexpansion. True
22. T/FA Native American named Sequoyah developedLacrosse, a sport that became so popular in the USthat Major Ridge became wealthy by sponsoringgames and charging admission. False
23. T/FBy 1796 two political parties had clearly emerged,the Federalists supporting the administration, andthe Republicans in opposition. True
24. T/FColonial women refused to purchase English textilesand instead clothed their families in homespunfabrics. True
25. T/FIn a letter to his mother, the young John Q. Adamsobserved that the Russian government was entirelydespotical while the Russian common man had anirrepressible craving for liberty. True
26. T/FIn response to the British-imposed Tea Tax of 1773,American colonies seemed untroubled by the tax onthe rather; rather, they welcomed the lower teaprices and therefore increase their consumption oftea. False
27. T/FIn the War of 1812, Tecumseh and his men alliedthemselves with the British in their fight against theAmericans. True
28. T/FJohn and Abigail Adams considered Mercy OtisWarren "a poor example of republican womanhood"because she had been unwilling to give up herhusband to the state for long periods. True
29. T/FMajor Ridge sent his son John Ridge and his nephewElias Bounding to England where they studied law atCambridge. False
30. T/FOn June 17, 1775, Joseph Warren, a dear friend of theAdams family, was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill. True
31. T/FTecumseh warned the Shawnee and other tribes thatthey risked the same fate that the Pequot,Narragansett, and Powhatan had suffered at thehands of the white men. True
32. T/FThe 1774 Quebec Act angered the 13 originalcolonies because Britain opened up western landsto other settlers while the Proclamation of 1763prohibited the original colonies from access tolands west of the Allegheny Mountains. True
33. T/FThe American victory at Saratoga convinced Francethat the young American nation had a good chanceof defeating Great Britain in the war. True
34. T/FThe American victory at Saratoga was possible onlybecause General George Washington had weakenedthe British army by soundly defeating it in New Yorkthe previous year. False
35. T/FThe Embargo Act of 1807 enacted under thepresidential administration of Thomas Jefferson hadlittle economic effect because US did not have torely on international trade. False
36. T/FThe first president to live in the residence knowntoday as the White House was John Adams. True
37. T/FThe "Petition of Slaves to the MassachusettsLegislature" relied on language of the Declaration ofIndependence to argue that the unhappy conditionsof slaves could be likened to the recentcircumstances between the United States and GreatB True
38. T/FThe US Congress disagreed on Indian Removal; theSouth wanted the Cherokee to stay where they were(e.g. in Georgia) while the North wanted theCherokee to move west of the Mississippi River. False
39. T/FTwo causes of Shay's Rebellion were that farmersdid not have money to pay their taxes and felt thatthe government was unresponsive to their needs. True
40. T/FVirgina and Kentucky crafted resolutions thatchallenged the legality of the Federal Government'spassage of the Alien and Sedation Act. True
41. T/FWestern Massachusetts farmers were not asconcerned over British action as merchants on thecoastline because farmers were not immediatelyaffected by British troops or custom officials. True
42. T/FWhen Major Ridge and his followers signedthe treat of Echota in 1835, they hoped thatthe cherokee could reestablish their cultureand their prosperity west of the Mississippiriver. True
43. T/FWhile Tecumseh was the south , hiswarriors, led by "The Prophet," achieved amajor victory near the Tippecanoe Riverwhen they drive off William HenryHarrison's American force. False
44. This 2nd president was responsible forpassing the Alien & Sedition Acts.-John Adams-Thomas Jefferson-James Madison-Alexander Hamilton -John Adams
45. This document contained two categories ofelements; a statement of rights and anenumeration of grievances against the king-Bill of Rights-First Amendment of the US Constitution-Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution-Article IV, Section 2 of -DeclarationofIndependence
46. This first secretary of state later president,who envisioned an empire of liberty in thenew nation, acquired the Louisiana territoryfor land where yeoman farmers wouldprosper.-John Adams-Thomas Jefferson-James Madison-Alexander Hamilto ThomasJefferson
47. ______________ was an element of theAmerican System that was championed byHenry Clay.A.) National bankB.) High tariffC.) Internal improvementsD.) Industrial growthE.) All of the above were elements of Clay'sAmerican System. E.) All of theabove wereelements ofClay'sAmericanSystem.
48. What caused France to incur thehostility of the Spanish andEnglish monarchies in 1793?A.) French citizens voted toinstall the king as head of theCatholic Church in France.B.) The French executed LouisXVI and Marie Antionette.C.) France B.) The French executedLouis XVI and MarieAntionette.
49.What confirmed that France was no longer capable ofsupporting, managing, anddefending its empire in theWestern Hemisphere?A.) Napoleon allowed Frenchcitizens in France's WesternHemisphere colonies to speakthe local language instead ofFr E.) After French forceswere defeated in Haiti,Napoleon agreed to sellthe Louisiana Territory tothe US in 1803.
50. What did the delegates agree at the 1878Constitutional Grand Convention?A.) The legislature would be bicameral.B.) In the upper house (Senate), each statewould be represented by 2 senators namedby its respective state legislature.C.) The n E.) All of theabove
51. What geographic feature did Tecumsehenvision as a boundary for indian lands?A.) Hudson RiverB.) Ohio RiverC.) Rio Grande RiverD.) Connecticut RiverE.) Monongahela River B.) Ohio River
52. When black slaves succeeded in seizingpower from white elites in Haiti,_________________ had the greatest concernover how that news could possiblyinfluence events in their own geographicregion.A.) South Carolina rice growersB.) Pennsylva A.) SouthCarolina ricegrowers
53. Which New England colonial group wasLEAST likely to support the AmericanRevolution?A.) members of Sons of LibertyB.) patrons of Boston tavernsC.) farmers in western MassachusettsD.) leaders of the Committees ofCorrespondence C.) farmers inwesternMassachusetts
54. Which of the followingdirectly resulted inTecumseh's death at theBattle of Thames (1813)?A.) Oliver Hazard Perry failedto defeat the British navalforces on Lake Erie whichmade it impossible for USforces to landreinforcements.B.) Br B.) British Gen. HenryProctor refused to standagainst the American andleft Tecumseh and hiswarriors alone to fightagainst the numericallysuperior American force.
55. Which of the following wasNOT a battle of the AmericanRevolution?A.) The British defeated theAmericans at BrooklynHeights, NY.B.) The Americans won adecisive battle at Yorktown,VA.C.) The British burned the cityof Washington, DC. C.) The British burned thecity of Washington, DC.
56. Which of the following was NOTfound in the Barbary Treaties?A.) If a vessel of either partyshould be attacked by an enemywithin gun-shot of the forts ofthe other, she shall be defendedas much as possible.B.) If goods belonging to anyna C.) Because thegovernment of theUnited States of Americais founded on theChristian Religion, itreserves the right tointerfere with the laws ofMehomitan nations.
57. Which political faction was mostlikely to favor a powerful centralgovernment?A.) Jeffersonian RepublicansB.) FederalistsC.) Anti-FederalistsD.) Whigs B.) Federalists
58. Which statement best expresses howBritain's North American colonistsreacted to the Stamp Act?A.) They sent a delegation toParliament to negotiate reduce ratesof taxation.B.) They resisted the act so fiercelythat England repealed it.C.) B.) They resistedthe act so fiercelythat Englandrepealed it.
59. Which statement is TRUE in regardingthe US Supreme Court's decision inMcCullough v. Maryland of 1819?A.) The decision reinforced the right ofthe US to establish the National Bank.B.) The states had no right to tax abranch of the National B D.) All of the aboveare TRUE.
60. Who were the Paxton Boys?A.) British troops under General Sir Geoffrey Paxton who werequartered in Boston.B.) a group of former indentured servants who joined in Bacon'sRebellion.C.) a brotherhood of Philadelphia artisans who objected theE D.) an insurgent group of Pennsylvania whites who killed Indianover control of the lands.

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