Historical Antecedents And Social Forces Sociology Essay Example
Historical Antecedents And Social Forces Sociology Essay Example

Historical Antecedents And Social Forces Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 16, 2017
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As Mills ( 2000 ) provinces, `` The sociological imaginativeness enables its owner to understand the larger historical scene in footings of its significance for the interior life and the external calling of a assortment of persons '' ( p. 5 ) . Thus the key to being sociologically inventive is being able to see the relationship between the lives of persons and the wider societal forces. As future societal workers, it is critical to be able to acknowledge the impact of historical events and societal forces. Therefore, placing and analysing how personal population cohort has been shaped, in footings of the impact of the assorted societal forces and historical events in one 's life, is imperative. In add-on, Ashford and LeCroy ( 2010 ) province, `` Groups can hold a powerful influence on human behaviour. In societal work we direct our attendi


ng to the helpful influences of group kineticss. However, we must acknowledge that group kineticss besides can unleash harmful forces '' ( p. 143 ) . Therefore, it besides seems necessary to analyse the map of assorted group ranks in mediating, chairing or extenuating the impact of historical events and societal forces. Overall, placing how one 's population cohort has been shaped in footings of the assorted societal forces or historical events is the ultimate undertaking in respects to developing a `` sociological imaginativeness '' .

Ronald Reagan Presidency

Ronald Reagan won the presidential nomination in 1980 and served two back-to-back footings. During Reagan 's first term as president, he focused chiefly on revenue enhancement cuts and `` moved rapidly and successfully on his conservative docket '' ( Jansson, 2009, p. 372 ) . I

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fact, during Reagan 's first eight months in office he was able to procure major budget cut and revenue enhancement cuts and increase defence disbursement. Harmonizing to Jansson ( 2009 ) , Reagan 's other successes during this first term were modest, nevertheless, he was able to obtain `` aˆ¦additional cuts in societal plans, to do major alterations in the Social Security plan and Medicare, and to make his ain job-training statute law '' ( p. 378 ) . Not surprisingly, during Reagan 's 2nd term as president, a cardinal issue was revenue enhancement reform. In 1986 a revenue enhancement reform was enacted which eliminated many tax write-offs and besides took out 1000000s of low-wage earners from the revenue enhancement axial rotations ( Jansson, 2009, p. 383 ) . At the terminal of Reagan 's term, `` The State was basking its longest recorded period of peacetime prosperity without recession or depression '' ( `` Ronald Reagan '' , n.d ) .

As a kid born during the late 1880ss, the presidential term of Ronald Reagan greatly affected my household and me. With the addition of occupations and revenue enhancement tax write-offs that came about during Reagan 's footings, my parents ' were able to procure stable occupations with equal income to fix themselves for a 2nd kid. With the ability to reliably be after a budget, my parents were more prepared financially for their 2nd kid and were able to purchase a larger house to suit the turning household. Undoubtedly, being born into a fiscal stable household significantly impacted my life. Harmonizing to the Psychodynamic Perspective, childhood experiences play a important function in emotions and

may impact an person throughout life. Therefore, as a kid born into a financially stable environment, my childhood experiences were more positive than they may hold been if I were born to parents who struggled financially.

Trust vs. Mistrust ( Birth-1 Year )

In 1988, Carrollton, Kentucky experienced one of the deadliest coach catastrophes in the United States history. Harmonizing to Collins ( 1998 ) , a rummy driver who was driving the incorrect manner on Interstate 71 slammed into a church coach, killing 24 kids and three grownups ( p. 1 ) . This peculiar incident was named the state 's worst drunken-driving clang. After the accident, the state increased their attending to the jobs of bibulous drive and drunken driving consciousness was raised ( Collins, 1998, p 2 ) .

In the old ages after bibulous driving consciousness was raised, the figure of alcohol-related human deaths had steadily declined. In fact, harmonizing to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 1997, the per centum of intoxicant related traffic human deaths had decreased to an all-time depression ( Collins, 1998, p.2 ) . Harmonizing to Collins ( 1998 ) , many persons who were impacted by the Carrollton coach clang began working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving ( MADD ) in the war against bibulous drive. Thankfully, since the Carrollton, Kentucky incident, provinces have passed tougher Torahs such as the annulment of driver 's licences and take downing the DUI blood-alcohol bound from 0.10 per centum to 0.08 per centum.

Drunken driving consciousness has decidedly impacted my life. When I was in high school I remember go toing a school presentation, which was facilitated by a group of

persons who had been impacted by bibulous drivers. During the presentation, a few of my equals had been boasting about how it takes accomplishment to imbibe and drive. After school that twenty-four hours I told my ma about the remarks made by the other pupils and my ma made me assure to her that I would ne'er acquire into a auto with a individual who had been imbibing. It was merely two hebdomads subsequently that I was go toing a high school graduation party where there were equals of mine who were imbibing. The following forenoon I remember acquiring a phone call from one of my friends informing me that two of our common friends at the party were involved in a auto accident and that the driver had been imbibing. Fortunately, no 1 died in the accident. I frequently wonder, if my female parent was non so inexorable on learning my siblings and I the lay waste toing effects that imbibing and drive can hold, if I would hold been in that auto. Throughout my college old ages I have been impacted by several other incidents affecting drunken drivers. Thankfully nevertheless, since the addition in intoxicated drive consciousness in the late 1980 's, the incidents of human deaths affecting rummy drivers have decreased significantly.

Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt ( 2-3 Old ages )

The World Wide Web, invented in 19990 by Sir Time Bernes-Lee, is a really of import service provided by the Internet and used globally ( Fetter, 2009, p. 281 ) . In fact, harmonizing to Fetter ( 2009 ) , `` Approximately 75 % of all Americans aged 18 and older coverage utilizing the

Internet, with world-wide users wholly 1.46 billion people of the universe 's populationaˆ¦ '' ( p. 281 ) . Not surprisingly, services provided by the Internet are of all time spread outing. The cyberspace offers an array of maps and services such as online confab, instant messaging, gambling, web logs, distant entree, streaming media, societal networking, etc. Undoubtedly, the innovation of the Internet, specifically the World Wide Web, has greatly impacted my personal life every bit good as the general population.

Although the general population was non impacted instantly by the innovation of the World Wide Web, the growing of the Web has surely transformed the lives of persons worldwide. The World Wide Web has allowed corporations to non merely communicated with each other, but besides with consumers through the usage of online ordination and advertisement. Harmonizing to Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer, Martin and Perkins ( 2009 ) , `` In the late 1990s, traditional companies could see how Amazon.com and other dot-com pioneers were utilizing the Web, and they excessively began to utilize Web engineerings as a new channel to their clients '' ( p.3 ) . Not surprisingly, this created an addition sale and demand for their merchandise ensuing in increased net income. In respects to the Carthage NY community in which I was born, the innovation of the World Wide Web allowed local concern to pass on with consumers in different markets and increase gross revenues for their merchandises or services. Not surprisingly, concerns were able to boom, and many concerns are still runing in the concern market today.

The World Wide Web has dramatically affected my life in a assortment of ways. Although I

was merely an baby when the Web was invented, the growing of the Web has significantly impacted and continues to impact my day-to-day life. One specific manner the World Wide Web has impacted me is through the spread of cognition. The Web has greatly impacted my instruction in respects to supplying a broad scope of resources used to broaden my cognition. Within the societal work profession, research, specifically macro-level research, is critical in obtaining a wide apprehension, particularly of society and civilization. As Van Wormer and Besthorn ( 2011 ) province, `` Research cognition is valuable to societal workers in assisting them to supply high-quality services, to originate alteration, to better pattern, and to measure scheduling '' ( p. 11 ) . In respects to obtaining a broader apprehension of civilization, the World Wide Web has allowed for cross-culture communicating that would otherwise non be possible. Therefore, my instruction has been greatly impacted ; particularly in respects to the chance provided by the Web leting me to use a wide scope of resources lending to a quality instruction within the societal work field.

Inaugural V. Guilt ( 3-5 Old ages )

In 1991, the adversities of inner-city life were all excessively apparent following the events in Los Angeles. In the spring of 1991, Rodney King, an African American was arrested viciously beaten by Los Angeles police officers ( Jansson, 2009, p. 387 ) . A bystander picture recorded this incident and finally, most Americans saw the recording on national telecasting. Harmonizing to Jansson ( 2009 ) , the recording depicted King being viciously beaten for 80 seconds by a group of police officers. ( p. 387 )

. In 1992 an drawn-out test took topographic point after King brought charges against the constabulary officers. At the terminal of the test the officers were found non guilty by the all-white jury ( Jansson, 2009, p. 387 ) . As a consequence of the finding of fact, African Americans in Los Angeles reacted with fury, therefore taking to the Los Angeles public violences. The public violences consisted of three yearss of combustion and devastation of concern constitutions, which was unmanageable by jurisprudence enforcement officers. Harmonizing to Swendsen and Norman ( 1998 ) , `` Before it was over, 52 people were killed, 2,383 were injured, 25,000 occupations were lost, and 735 million dollars in amendss was reported '' ( p. 58 ) . Thankfully, one twelvemonth after the public violences, the constabulary offers were retried and finally, the two cardinal suspects were found guilty. The dying metropolis shortly realized that the calamity experienced the old twelvemonth would non be relived ( Swendsen & A ; Norman, 1998, p. 58 ) .

The Rodney King incident, and the Los Angeles public violences, clearly reminded Americans that irrespective of the development of societal plans, racial agitation was still all excessively common, particularly in the interior metropoliss. In respects to the Rodney King whipping, Jansson ( 2009 ) provinces:

Caught by surprise, the Bush disposal ab initio blamed the urban agitation on the Great Society societal plans. When it became clear that this simplistic averment was non widely accepted, the disposal engaged in complex dialogues with the Congress to develop a plan to supply assorted job-training, lodging, diversion, and other plans for the interior metropoliss ( p. 387 )


Undoubtedly, this program would be one million millions of dollars to implement. Therefore, on March 17th, 1992 a March was held in Washington, DC, to demand a monolithic addition in federal assistance to the metropoliss, every bit good as to wellness, lodging, and job-training plans for inner-city occupants ( Jansson, 2009, p. 387 ) . The reaction of white, suburban Americans was of concern. However, many perceivers hoped that the events of Los Angeles, showing societal hurt in American metropoliss, would excite a argument about national precedences ( Jansson, 2009, p. 387 ) . Regardless, it became clear after the Los Angeles public violences that racial agitation was still ongoing and conveying the inner-city occupants into the economic mainstream of American society was critical to guarantee the safety and well-being of suburban Americans.

Although I was merely three old ages old at the clip of the Rodney King incident and Los Angeles public violences, I recall from a really immature age being taught about racism. During the clip of the Rodney King incident, it became clear to my parents that learning my siblings and I at a immature age about the importance of accepting others, irrespective of their race, was critical. When I entered Kindergarten, my best friend ( Niki ) was an African American female. In fact, she was one of the few American Americans enrolled in my school, which was located in a little rural town. I still retrieve verbatim the conversation I had with my parents when I realized Niki was the lone African American in my category. I came place and asked my parents why there were non more childs in my

category who looked like Niki. My parents stated that there were 1000000s of childs in the universe who looked like Niki, but non many were lucky to hold such a good life like hers and besides a best friend like me. I ne'er truly took anything from that conversation until I was older and genuinely understood the impact that racism has on people of colour.

Both of Niki 's parents were professionals ; her male parent was a physician and her female parent a school teacher, which decidedly had an impact on Niki 's life. The fact was that there were more African Americans who attended the metropolis schools and although this may non hold made sense to me as a little kid, it surely does now. Events such as the Rodney King incident proved to my parents that racism is something that can non be ignored. Thankfully, I was taught about racism at a really immature age, and was besides encouraged to non merely acknowledge the differences between persons, but besides value them. As McAdoo ( 1999 ) provinces, `` One of the benefits of observing our differences is that through making so we acknowledge that the differences do be and can hold value for each group member `` ( p. 14 ) . Thankfully, my parents did non promote me to be color blind and finally, that has shaped who I am today and has genuinely allowed me to understand the effects that racism has on people of colour.

Industry vs. Inferiority ( 6-12 Old ages )

In 1999, Columbine High School located in Littleton, Colorado, experienced the deadliest school hiting in U.S history. One safety

school expert describes the Columbine school shot as `` instruction 's 9/11 '' ( Vail, 2009, p.17 ) . The Columbine High School hiting resulted in one instructor and 14 pupils being killed when two pupils, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, went on a to a great extent armed violent disorder. Harmonizing to Vail ( 2009 ) , `` Columbine symbolizes the worst conceivable because it made us recognize hideous force could go on on our campus '' ( p. 17 ) . Undoubtedly, the Columbine shots changed the universe we live in, and many post-Columbine alterations have been implemented within the school clime.

Since the Columbine shots, school functionaries have begun to take pupil menaces much more earnestly ( Vail, 2009, p. 19 ) . Harmonizing to Vail ( 2009 ) :

Students methodically plot in progress, and the taws often tell their friends and others of their programs. They leave tapes and pictures behind to explicate their actions. Harris and Klebol did all of these things, warning some of their friends, composing about their programs in diaries, and doing six hours of what were called the cellar tapes ( p. 19 )

Unfortunately, these hiting rumours were thought to be merely a senior twenty-four hours buffoonery. Thankfully, in the post-Columbine universe, rumours such as these would be taken more earnestly. In add-on, since the Columbine shots, safety lessons have been offered and implemented in many schools every bit good. Schools are now taught to lock their doors and screen those coming in and out more closely ( Veil, 2009, p. 19 ) . Anti-bullying plans are besides encouraged as a manner to forestall school force. In

fact, I remember go toing many anti-bullying presentations held in the auditorium post-Columbine. These anti-bullying plans are a manner for school functionaries to demo parents and communities that something is being done to forestall future school force.

When I foremost became cognizant of the Columbine shots I was in 5th class. I remember sitting in the library and hearing another pupil reference that one miss was shot in the caput merely because she stated `` yes '' when asked by one of the taws if she believed in God. When I heard that I began to conceive of myself in that miss 's place and began to contemplate if I would acknowledge to believing in God if it meant I would be shot. I remember believing that I would state `` no '' and this caused me great hurt because I began to believe that my parent 's would be so defeated and that God would penalize me for experiencing this manner. The first clip I of all time brought up this feeling was in Sunday school. My Sunday school instructor was speaking about the Ten Commandments and I made it a point to happen out if lying about your religion in the Lord was one of the commandments. When I realized it did non explicitly say that it was incorrect to lie about your religion, I asked my Sunday school teacher if it was a wickedness to state you do non believe in God. Her response was something like, `` You should ne'er deny your faithaˆ¦God will ever maintain you safe '' . That is when I became improbably confused, because the fact was, God

did non maintain the immature miss who was shot safe. Although I ne'er discussed my feelings with my parents, I finally decided, as I grew older that my Sunday school instructor was rightaˆ¦I should ne'er deny my religion. That peculiar Columbine memory still impacts me today. I frequently ask myself if I am willing to set my religion before my ain life. As an grownup, I no longer inquiry what my determination would be if I were in the same state of affairs as that immature miss. As my religion has flourished, I realize that Jesus gave us his life to give us life, and therefore, I would ne'er deny my religion in him.

Identity vs. Role Confusion ( 13-18 Old ages )

On September 11, 2001 Americans all over the state were horrified after hearing that highjackers on four different programs flew into the duplicate towers of the World Trade Centers, one into the Pentagon and one into a Pennsylvania field which was originally planned to hit either the White House or the Capitol Building. Americans watched on their telecasting screens the twin towards prostration, burying 1000s of workers, and 100s of firemen and police officers ( Zinn, 2003, p. 678 ) . As Zinn ( 2003 ) illustrates, this terrorist onslaughts was undertaken by 19 work forces from the Middle East, who were willing to decease in order to assail the United States whom they saw as their enemy ( p. 678 ) . After the onslaughts, President Bush instantly declared a war on terrorist act.

As a consequence of the September 11th desolation, the American populace was overpoweringly supportive of Bush 's policy of the

war on terrorist act. In fact, the New York Times, opposed Bush in the election, nevertheless, editorialized in December 2001: `` Mr. Bushaˆ¦has proved himself a strong wartime leader who gives the state a sense of security during a period of crisis '' ( Zinn, 2003, p. 679 ) . After the onslaughts, American 's began to demo their nationalism thorough the overpowering show of the American flag in their place and store Windowss, on cars, etc. Clearly, the desolation of the 9/11 onslaughts made it hard for citizens to knock the authorities. As Zinn ( 2003 ) points out, those who did knock the authorities were visited by the FBI and questioned. In add-on, the `` USA Patriot Act '' was passed by Congress, which gave the Department of Justice the power to confine foreigners merely based on intuition. However, many persons, including household members of those who had died in the World Trade Center or the Pentagon, still criticized the war and felt that force would non work out the terrorist act job ( Zinn, 2003, p. 681 ) .

When I foremost heard about the 9/11 onslaughts, I was in category when a schoolmate raised his manus and asked if the World Trade Center had been attacked. The instructor stated that there were no unequivocal replies as to what happened and encouraged the category to remain on undertaking. I was unaware of what the World Trade Center even was, and was non concerned with what I had heard until I got place from school. I remember acquiring off the coach and seeing my parents at the terminal of the private road waiting for

my brother, sister and I. I was confused until they informed us that we were traveling to church for a supplication and taper ceremonial. When we asked why, they informed us the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked by terrorists. My siblings and I were incognizant of what this meant, and because our school did non let the pupils to see the calamity on telecasting, we were naA?ve to the desolation that the United States had merely experienced. After church, I remember my parents sitting us down and speaking with us about the onslaughts. In all honestness, I was still confused and it was non until I watched the intelligence that I realized the extent of the onslaughts. When I saw the planes fly into the twin towers, all I could believe about was the guiltless workers inside the edifice and besides the persons on the plane. I became improbably fearful that the terrorist would go on to assail. I lived about two proceedingss from Fort Drum and I invariably worried that the base would be attacked. Thankfully, my parents were really straightforward in respects to my inquiries and my church was really supportive and provided hope.

I remember after the onslaughts I felt closer to God. I began to read the bible more and asked more inquiries in respects to Christianity. My male parent was a curate so I ever turned to him for many of my inquiries and ever honored him for his unconditioned love for the Lord. When I started to go fearful of decease, my male parent ever told me that every bit long as I held onto my religion, I

would ne'er endure. As I grew closer to God I began to be less fearful of decease. In fact, as clip went on, and I continued to hear about the hideous wake of the onslaughts, I was able to treat what I was hearing and finally put all my trust in the Lord. My religion continues to significantly impact my frights and anxiousnesss as I hear about mundane calamities, which seem abundant in a society so intertwined with force. In add-on, I have been able to reply many of my inquiries in respects to the self-destruction terrorists. I remember after the onslaughts I began to believe rather a spot about the highjackers and wondered why they would kill themselves for their state, which seemed so corrupt. I frequently wondered if God would desire us to forgive those persons. Now, from the Systems Perspective, I realize that the highjackers believed that what they were making was honest. That is, the self-destruction terrorists believed that assailing the United States was an act of selflessness for their state.

Intimacy V. Isolation ( 19-Late 20 's )

In 2008, for the first clip in history, a adult female and an African American had a existent opportunity to go president of the United States ( Jansson, 2009, p. 506 ) . Making history for African Americans, President Barrack Obama won the election doing him the 44th President of the United States. At the gap of President Obama 's inaugural reference he stated, `` I stand here today humbled by the undertaking before us, grateful for the trust you 've bestowed, mindful of the forfeits borne by our ascendants '' ( Philips 2009

) . Undoubtedly, the forfeits that Barack Obama 's ascendants endured significantly impacted his chance to run for President of the United States. Thankfully, these forfeits made history for African Americans and, although our state has a manner to travel, allowed Americans countrywide to observe the successes of our state in respects to equality. As mentioned, inequalities in the United States surely have non disappeared, nevertheless, I believe holding an African American president elected restored religion in the U.S population that our society is based on the foundation that anything is possible and that we will go on to boom.

Within the societal work profession it is frequently overpowering being faced with issues refering to inequality because racism is so deep rooted into our society. As Shearer ( 1994 ) provinces, `` I will non see an terminal to racism in my life-time. I hope to see alterations for the better in the following several decennaries, but the roots of racism have grown deep '' ( p. 31 ) . Although racisms is entwined throughout church and society, I strongly believe, as a future societal worker, it is of import to go on conjunct attempts towards alteration. Since the election of the first African American president, I have realized that the United States has come a long manner since the yearss of segregation. Thankfully, I have been blessed with the chance to go to Roberts Wesleyan College, and within the societal work plan, I have been able to go on my instruction and surveies of how inequality significantly impacts the laden population. The societal work plan at Roberts Wesleyan College has broadened my cognition and encourages

me to take action in conveying about alteration and equality. Fortunately, my battle in the societal work plan has provided me with the penetration that my committedness to alter is indispensable to the overall well-being of society.


As Mills ( 2009 ) suggest, the key to the sociological imaginativeness is being able to see the relationship between the lives of persons and the wider societal forces ( p. 5 ) . As a future societal worker, I realize the importance of being sociologically inventive. Analyzing the impact of certain historical events and societal forces has broadened my apprehension of the societal imaginativeness and allowed me to place ways the larger society has impacted my life. In add-on, placing and analysing my group memberships has allowed me to acknowledge the influence that these groups had in mediating, chairing or extenuating the impact of my experiences. Overall, my population cohort has experienced a assortment of historical traumatic events such as school shots, terrorist onslaughts, war, etc. Thankfully, my church rank has mitigated the lay waste toing impact of such incidents. For many, including myself, these events have allowed religions to boom as a manner of get bying. Unfortunately, these events have besides negatively impacted many in respects to the influence of force, which is so entwined in our society. Overall, through this analysis my cognition has developed in respects to being sociologically inventive. As a consequence of my ability to be more sociologically imaginativeness, I am able to better acknowledge the impact of the larger society on the life of persons. As a future societal worker, my consciousness and apprehension will go on to develop and efficaciously impact

my pattern within the societal work field.

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