Historical And Scientific Perspectives On Homosexuality Analysis Essay

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Homosexuality has been a controversial issue dated back to historical times that is still one today. Bing homosexual agencies that one is attracted to others of their ain gender. Homosexual work forces are called cheery males and homosexual females are called tribades. There are besides persons that are attracted to both people of their ain gender and people of the opposite gender, which are called bisexuals. There have been three positions on homosexualism that have shaped the manner homosexual people view themselves in society, including: the historical positions ; the biological positions ; and the psychological positions.

Historical and biological positions of homosexualism have played in a function in how homophiles view themselves. The historical positions would chiefly do homophiles experience like they are bad people. Many faiths believe that homosexualism is iniquitous and incorrect because it does non bring forth kids. This may do homophiles to seek non to be gay, even though they can non assist it. They may believe that they will travel to hell if they remain cheery. The biological positions on homosexualism may assist homophiles view themselves in the right visible radiation. It would assist them understand that they can non assist being cheery. It could merely be in their blood and genetic sciences.

The historical positions on homosexualism explain how the different civilizations in the universe viewed homosexualism. In ancient Greece adult work forces had sexual brushs with immature work forces. A type of sexual activity they would hold is the adult adult male seting his phallus between the immature adult male ‘s legs and traveling back and Forth until he ejaculates. This is a sexual activity that is even shown on the ancient Grecian vases. Subsequently in history, the Romans had really feminine work forces that dressed and acted more like adult females than work forces that would travel out looking for couples. This behaviour was seen negatively and the Christian Church did non like homosexualism. Hebrews and Christians referred to gay male sexual activity as buggery, which means the wickedness of Sodom. In the Bible, the metropolis of Sodom was destroyed by God for an unknown ground. The Christian metropolis of Florence began holding “ the Office of the Night ” because of all the buggery was traveling on in the metropolis. This is where people can impeach others of being sodomists and they will be investigated. If they are convicted so they have to pay a all right. Christians believed that any sexual activity that does non bring forth kids is incorrect. In the late Middle Ages, there were punishments by jurisprudence that any sexual Acts of the Apostless that do non bring forth kids, which could be onanism, unwritten sex, anal sex, or homosexual sex ( Rathus, Nevid, & A ; Fichner-Rathus, 2005 ) .

The biological positions discourse how the evolutionary position ; genetic sciences ; endocrines ; and the construction of the encephalon drama functions in homosexualism. Biologically, homosexualism was one time thought of as a mental upset. After research by Karen Hooker it was discovered that it was non a mental upset. She tested the relationship between homosexualism, psychological development, and unwellness. She found no differences between the three trials she performed ; hence finding that homosexualism is non a mental unwellness ( Johnson, 2003 ) . The Evolutionary position believes when homosexual males and sapphic adult females develop strong bonds with one another that can give them a better advantage in lasting. It is believed that sexual orientation tallies in households. There was a survey on indistinguishable and fraternal twins that can bespeak this. 52 % of indistinguishable sets of twins were found to both be homosexual males. This is partially due to genetic sciences and partially due to the environment they were raised in, which gave the twins more of a inclination to go homosexual. Hormonal influences can perchance impact one ‘s sexual orientation. The endocrine testosterone has been studied for this, but the research did non happen out how it is related to sexual orientation. It was merely discovered that the endocrine increases desire for sexual activity, but it does non take which sex one is attracted to for this sexual activity. There may be a difference in the encephalons of straight persons and homophiles. It was found that the hypothalamus in a homophile ‘s encephalon was half the size of the hypothalamus in a straight person ‘s encephalon ( Rathus, Nevid, & A ; Fichner-Rathus, 2005 ) .

The psychological positions on homosexualism include the psychoanalytic positions and the learning theories. A male child has to decide his Oedipus composite to decently develop. By deciding this, he will be able to turn his desires for his ma into desire for other misss his age and he will go closer to his pa. A miss has to decide her Electra composite to decently develop. By deciding this, she will be able to turn her desires for her male parent into desires for other male childs her age and she will go closer to her ma. Indecision of these composites can play a function in a male or female going homosexual. In the male child, he could be without his male parent and even fear him, doing him to be closer to him mom. He so tries to get the better of this fright of his male parent, which will finally take him to being homosexual. In the miss, it can do her to be covetous or her male parent ‘s phallus and want it, which can take to her being homosexual subsequently in life. Learning theories differ slightly from the psychoanalytic positions. Learning theories believe that immature grownups may prosecute in sexual activities with those of the same sex if there are no people of the opposite sex about. If he or she enjoys these sexual activities so it may do him or her to go a cheery male or sapphic. If they do non bask them so they will stay heterosexual. It is fundamentally about seeking things out to see if they like it or non. This experimentation can assist in finding one ‘s sexual orientation ( Rathus, Nevid, & A ; Fichner-Rathus, 2005 ) .

A homosexual individual has to travel through a two measure procedure when coming out. They foremost have to come out to themselves and so they have to come out to everyone else they know. When coming out to themselves, they have to recognize that they are cheery and accept it. They may recognize they are cheery and non desire to be, because they are ashamed or afraid. Some may even seek to perpetrate self-destruction because they do non desire to be gay. Most homosexual people will merely come out to a few people that are close to them at foremost. They are afraid to allow the full universe know, because they do non desire to lose their occupation or even friends ( Rathus, Nevid, & A ; Fichner-Rathus, 2005 ) .

Scientifically, I suppose homosexualism was non in my genetic sciences. No 1 in my household is homosexual. Historically, I am what adult females were supposed to be in ancient times. I am a adult female that is reproducing with her hubby. I am non seen as a evildoer by churches or faiths for blowing sperm by being homosexual.

The historical, biological, and psychological positions shed a batch of different visible radiation on the subject of homosexualism. Historically, homophiles were viewed as evildoers for non bring forthing kids with the opposite sex. Biologically, homophiles may non be able to assist being homosexual, because it could be in their genetic sciences. Psychologically, indecision of kids ‘s unconscious composites could ensue in them going homosexual and larning from sexual experimentation could do one to go homosexual.

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