Hispanics in the United States today

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Hispanic Americans are the largest ethnic minority in the United States. Of the total American population, nearly 17 percent are Hispanics. The terms Hispanic or Latino refer to Spanish speaking immigrants to the United States, who came from South and Central American countries. These countries include El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Columbia, Brazil, etc. There is racial diversity within Hispanics.

Hispanics were present in the United States since 17th century. But the community has not been treated equally by elite White Americans. When compared to majority of Americans, Hispanics are a low socio-economic group. Hispanics are blamed for the illegal immigration problem. Their culture and language is also different from mainstream America. These factors are causing hurdles for Hispanics within America.

In order to change this situation Hispanics will have to politically organize and put pressure on policy makers. They should express their genuine concerns and grievances. Otherwise, the community and its culture will remain unfairly subordinate and suppressed in the future too.

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