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Methods and Materials PU-2000 workstation Dual trace oscilloscopes Fiction generator DAM Frequency counter Set Of patch cords Connect the output of the function generator to the vertical input of the oscilloscope, set the sine wave to 1 Zoo to find the horizontal sweep, which was emcees. Adjust the output amplitude of the function generator to cover full height of the screen. Then count the number of peak to peak divisions which where 8. Convert the peak to peak voltage which equals 0.

V. Convert the measured voltage to equivalent peak and ARMS values which gave 0. V and 0. V. The oscilloscope had to be disconnected from the function generator, with the VON inserted instead, giving a AC voltage of 0. 209 V. This oscilloscope was again connected to the function generator and the period of the wave form counted 2. 5 divisions. This was then converted to period time by multiplying the number of divisions by the scopes horizontal setting. Period = sweep rate (0. X number of divisions (2. 5) = 1 runs. This was converted to frequency using f = l/twitch equaled to GHz. A typical wave which was seen on the oscilloscope screen was as follows: A labeled diagram to help understand the graph was shown to help understand the wave: Discussion From the results found, and applying them into the formulas, the frequency of the waveform was able to be found which was showing the voltage to be a function of time in regards to AC currents.

From looking at the readings on he oscilloscope it was easy to see the wave form as moving in one direction to another in the timestamp, moving constantly from positive to negative voltage. Conclusions In conclusions, from this experiment it can be seen to show the nature of the sine wave, and the frequency of the oscillating wave. This was done with aids such as the oscilloscope to visualize it, while using this information to work out the figures for peak voltages of the signal, and the ARMS of the signal, which was stated in the introduction.

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