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Teens and Problems Teens must deal with a wide variety of problems which can be difficult and stressful. These problems can range from peer pressure to dealing with siblings. Uncertainties come at a time in a teen’s life when each teen is usually not equipped emotionally or mentally to handle these situations. Peer pressure, parents, and siblings are three difficult issues that confront teens. Peer pressure is one of the most common problems of all teens. When a teen is new at a school and wants to gain friends, teens often use poor judgment in trying to impress new people. In order to gain new friends, teens can get involved in drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Many times they do things that they would never have imagined themselves doing prior to meeting a new group of people. Some teens try to make the “right” decision so others will like them. Having parents or other responsible adults they can turn to for help or advice is crucial at this point in a teen’s life. 117 Word Count

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