Hinduism Essay

Hindooism is the faith of the great bulk of the people of India. The word comes from the Sanskrit sindhu. “river. ” and originally referred to the Indus. Hinduism is really a aggregation of many native Indian faiths. yesteryear and nowadays. It is responsible for the societal construction of India. particularly for the caste system ( a familial category system ) . The oldest of the world’s great faiths. Hindooism is the lone one without a laminitis. It has ne’er tried to win converts by force and has ever tolerated other faiths and absorbed thoughts from them.

Hindooism has approximately 20 religious orders. with beliefs that range from crude signifiers of animism to the highest ranges of mysticism and doctrine. Many of the religious orders and cults seem to be separate faiths. Yet all have a household relationship since they spring from common traditions and thrive on the conditions peculiar to India. Most have a mysterious strain and all stress passive resistance. • Describe the major dogmas of the Hindu belief system. Hinduism has many sacred objects and topographic points. The cow is the most sacred of animate beings and must be protected.

Most sacred of all topographic points is the Ganges River. to which 1000000s go each twelvemonth to bathe and to go purified. Hindus believe in metempsychosis. or reincarnation. and in what they call the jurisprudence of karma. Under this jurisprudence the conditions of each new life-time are determined by the actions of the predating life. To the Hindu. redemption consists of emancipating the psyche from fond regard to worldly desires in order to derive brotherhood with Brahman. If a Hindu dies liberated he must be born once more into this universe and once more digest its agony.

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