HIM: Ch6 (Review Questions)

Compare the steps typically taken in the ethical decision-making process shown in Table 6.2 with the additional steps listed in the last section of the chapter.
This is stating the proper steps to take in making an ethical decision with the addition of challenges of doing so. It is telling us that with every ethical decision there are always going to be challenges that arise as health information management changes. What may be the proper process of making an ethical decision may change as the policies and procedures change. You must be able to stay updated and adapt to such changes.
Name the three direct ethical roles that supervisors play in organizations.
Serve as a role model, encourage ethical behavior, and monitor employee conduct.
What are the most frequent ethical challenges in health information management?
These challenges have generally arisen from (1) changes in the health care environment, such as the development of managed care, (2) requirements for documentation and access to and release of information , (3) developments in technology, including the ease of sharing information electronically, and (4) changes in reimbursement systems and their attendant coding systems.
How can health information professionals experience ethical challenges when dealing third parties?
Third parties, such as vendors, may pose ethical challenges. An outside vendor providing transcription services may submit inaccurate invoices that contain inflated line counts. Such a situation poses an ethical challenge for the health information manager to solve. Third parties who seek inappropriate access to genetic, adoption or behavioral health records.
Pressure to ‘fudge’ codes to collect maximum payment
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