High Technology in the Apparel Industry

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Use of SAP software will involve higher responsible of the personnel involved in posting information concerning purchases and sales so as to show correct data on asset movement, sales made and purchases made. The finance department should budget for new computer in every five years because the software is very sensitive. The old computers will have to be disposed off through may be sale to other companies or employees. The management should ensure the development are enacted and maintained for greater efficiency.The SAP software information about the manufacturing will be available to those with valid password through authorization. The information available will be essential in reporting about the overall performance of the company.

Given that our competitors have not embarked on SAP software. We have a chance to lead in efficiency. The SAP software will provide information on the performance of all the branches of this manufacturing company. The SAP software will assist the company to reduce costs, improve performance and gain the agility to respond to changing business needs.SAP will assist company to serve the customers according to their prevailing needs. The SAP will assist in reducing costs through automated financial and business processes, SAP is essential in accelerating revenue with revenue with full-cycle order management across sales channels through correct posting.

Use of SAP will help achieve supply and demand balance. The use of Sap will reduce compliance risks with automated and auditable processes which will be available in the company.SAP use will in addition improve profitability through identification and resolution of service issues (Braudo and Macintosh, 1999). The management will have access to more accurate data which will help make well informed decisions.

Use of SAP technology software will provide the needed information for employees to easily manage the cost and quotation process. The management will therefore be able to liaise with the concerned employees to be able to make informed decision on the changing consumer needs (Kim, Koo and Lee, 1999).However, the IT application will create disguise unemployment and it will be inevitable for the management to lay off some of its employees. The installation of SAP software will require more investment in human capital through attending indoor lessons where the concerned employees will be taught how to use the software (Winter, 2000). In conclusion, industrialization and development of IT has brought stiff competition in companies and/or organizations. Development of IT technology has led to greater efficiency in the companies employed.

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