High School Sociology, Macionis, 14th ed., 1 & 2

Because there is more social isolation in rural areas of the United States than in urban areas, we would expect suicide rates to be:
higher in rural areas

Which of the following early sociologists had an important influence on the development of the social-conflict approach?
Karl Marx

The major goal of sociology’s pioneers, including Comte and Durkheim, was:
to discover how society actually operates.

W.E.B. Du Bois claimed that _____ was the major problem facing the United States during the twentieth century.

Which of the following would be the focus of a social-conflict analysis of sports?
how sports reflect social inequality

What might a sociologist say about people’s selection of marriage partners?
Typically, a person marries someone of similar social position.

A sociological analysis of childbearing around the world suggests that the number of children born to a woman reflects:
whether she herself was born into a poor or rich society.

In the box about Barbara Ehrenreich working at low-wage jobs, we learned that she:
worked very hard but never made enough money to pay for her basic needs.

We would expect the sociological perspective to be most likely to develop in a place that was:
experiencing many social changes.

Which of the following is the best example of a latent function of going to college?
keeping young people out of the labor force, which may not have jobs for them

The ideal of objectivity means that a researcher:
must try to adopt a stance of personal neutrality toward the outcome of the research.

In making judgments about how society should be improved, the ________ approach in sociology rejects Max Weber’s goal that researchers be value-free.

What research method was used in Philip Zimbardo’s study, the “Stanford County Prison”?
the experiment

Lois Benjamin’s investigation of racism may be criticized because:
her sample may not be representative of all African Americans.

Which sociological research method is best used to study what cannot be directly observed, such as attitudes and values, among large numbers of people?
the survey

If you were trying to measure the “social class” of various people, you would have to keep in mind that:
it is necessary to specify exactly what you are measuring.

Which sociological research method is likely to be most difficult to replicate (repeat)?
participant observation

Inductive logical thought involves:
transforming specific observations into general theory.

Which sociological research method saves the time and expense of data gathering, but the researcher has no control over possible data bias?
secondary analysis

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