High School and Local Elementary School Essay

It feels like merely yesterday I was in high school. without attentions merely doing my portfolio. Now. it’s been a twosome old ages since college and I’m seeking to set to married life. It’s been about a twelvemonth or so since I got hitched. I’m acquiring ready to hold my first kid. Winter. I hope to hold another in a few old ages. I presently teach 5th class in a local simple school. It’s an all right occupation. the wage is alright it will acquire me through my measures. after a few more old ages I should be acquiring a rise.

I talk to my parents a batch now. they are really of import to me. My hubby and I are seeking to make up one’s mind how to raise our kid. I believe the most of import value my parents taught me was to ever be polite to people because you ne’er know who is watching. I hope my kid grows up larning that. I am really in love with my hubby. we met at school and we had an instant connexion. Both my grandma and gramps have died. it was really tough but clip heals all lesions. My hubby and I live in a small house but we are looking to relocate to somewhere a small bigger. for the kids.

We go to the Catholic church every Sunday and are really involved in church life. My hope for the hereafter is that I raise my childs to be fabulous people and ne’er give up. The three most of import things that have happened since high school would be. graduating college. acquiring married. and now holding my kid. What I miss most about the “good old days” is merely being able to horse around without holding to care about measures and work. When I die. I hope everyone remembers me as a nice individual who tried her best to make good.

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