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A exposure of Felicia with notes from her schoolmates. The friend. Briana Torres. at 16 a twelvemonth older and a grade in front of Felicia. hugged her and walked her to sixth-period English category. the girls’ weaponries clasped around each other’s shoulders. On the manner. Felicia cheered up plenty to express joy at a gag. and do a gag of her ain. But there were marks of unknoting. Late Monday dark. she had posted a brief Twitter message: “I buzzword. im done. I give up. ” After school Wednesday. Felicia walked to the Staten Island Railway station where many pupils board trains place. She waited impatiently for the train. and as it approached. she hurled herself rearward onto the paths. A friend grabbed her arm. but she twisted free. She was pronounced dead that flushing. By the clip her friends began to congregate in the infirmary waiting room. posting messages on Twitter and Facebook in what would go a bustle of on-line guess about her decease. most had pinpointed a cause: Felicia had been bullied. they said. tormented by football participants on Tottenville’s undefeated squad. Some said she was teased because she had piercings and lived in surrogate attention.

Others said participants had spread sexual self-praises about her over the weekend. after Tottenville’s 16-8 triumph over Port Richmond High School. To many friends. she appeared to endure the whirl of insinuation with her usual assurance. “She ne’er truly reached out for aid ; she was a truly tough individual. ” Briana said Thursday. have oning a little testimonial on her left carpus — an “RIP Felicia” inked in purple. “When I dropped her off at category. I wasn’t truly disquieted about her. ” Felicia had reported the twits to an decision maker. who arranged mediation Sessionss between Felicia and the male childs she said were hassling her. Police are now look intoing her decease. Neither they nor the Education Department nor the school would notice on the blustery allegations. There was already small that was easy in Felicia’s life. Friends described her childhood as a hodgepodge of loss and instability: both her parents died when she was immature. and she disliked populating with her aunt. said Kaitlyn Antonmarchi. 15. who said she had been Felicia’s best friend since 8th class.

At one point. Felicia ran off from her aunt’s house with an older adult male. After she entered the Foster system. she bounced in and out of different places. dyed her dark hair ruddy and sprouted a bunch of piercings. With her latest Foster parents. Felicia eventually seemed happy and stable. Kaitlyn said. Traveling to the other side of Staten Island. she started high school at Tottenville. improved her classs. allow the dye wash out and eliminated most piercings. At Friday’s football game. Kaitlyn said: “She looked happy. She was express joying. It didn’t expression like anything was upsetting her at all. ” Bullying is common at the school. schoolmates said. but decision makers normally acted to halt it. and it seldom reached the degree that Felicia experienced. Tease Felicia. and she would come back with a quick. witty rejoinder. said Alissa Compitello. 17. a senior. “If you tried to bully her. she’d laugh at you. ” she said. “Somebody must’ve said something reasonably bad about her for this to go on.

They merely wouldn’t stop. ” On Wednesday. Felicia had asked Karl Geiling. 15. a sophomore at Tottenville. about how his trial had gone. He saw her at the train station subsequently. “I was manner down. off from her. ” he said. “All I heard was screams. and so everybody went soundless. ” At school on Thursday. many pupils wore black and violet. colourss frequently associated with anti-bullying runs. and met with grief counsellors. A crowd of about 500 gathered at the station in the eventide. many keeping tapers. Person had tied purple and black balloons to a chain-link fencing overlooking the paths. with notes and a exposure fliting alongside them. As their schoolmates created anti-bullying Facebook pages in Felicia’s award Wednesday dark. several football participants took to Twitter to protest what they saw as the sweeping tarring of the squad. which is a perennial favourite to win the Public School Athletic League title. At least two seniors have been offered scholarships to play Division I college football.

“None of you even no half the narrative so stop indicating fingers at the football squad. ” wrote James Munson. a safety on the squad and the boy of the team’s manager. Jim Munson. Another participant. Richy Lam. a senior. said Thursday that many members of the squad had non even known Felicia. In New York. an anti-bullying legislative act signed in 2010. one of legion Torahs passed around the state in the aftermath of teenage self-destructions. requires schools to develop policies to discourage torment of pupils by other pupils. including instruction plans and disciplinary processs.

Prosecutions for pupil intimidation are rare ; possibly the best-known instance is that of Dharun Ravi. who was convicted of bias bullying and invasion of privateness charges for utilizing a webcam to descry on his Rutgers University roomie. Tyler Clementi. who committed self-destruction a few yearss subsequently. Mr. Ravi was sentenced to 30 yearss in gaol. “Bullying that violates condemnable jurisprudence can be prosecuted reprehensively. but non as intimidation. ” said Suzanne B. Goldberg. a jurisprudence professor at Columbia Law School who directs its Center for Gender and Sexuality Law.

Physical force or menaces of physical force could be prosecuted. she said. “but what most frequently happens is that schools and prosecuting officers try to maintain these state of affairss out of condemnable tribunal which can be appropriate if the school system takes the incident earnestly. punishes the wrongdoer and protects the victim. ” It is non clear whether anyone will be disciplined in Felicia’s instance. For some pupils. the school’s following challenge is Friday’s football game against the rival Curtis High School squad. the last of the season. which may be pushed to Sunday. Felicia was a fan. When Kaitlyn last saw her. she said. she had been be aftering to hearten Tottenville this weekend. “She said. ‘Yeah. I’m traveling. ’ ” Kaitlyn said. “And I said. I’ll see you at that place. ” Al Baker and Christopher Maag contributed coverage.

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