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1. do your homework
2. keep your eye on the prize
3. Leave something at the door
4. don’t be the first one to make an offer
5.Bluff, but don’t lie
6. When there is a roadblock, find a more creative path
7. Timing is everything
8. Listen, listen listen….and don’t let emotions get in the way
do your homework
develop a “game plan” of the outcomes sought and prioritize your needs and wants. learn as much about the other sides positions as you can
keep your eyes on the prize
don’t forget the outcome sought
leave something at the door
it may provide an opportunity to come back to later and renew the negotiations
“win-win” vs. the real winner
beth parties feel satisfied about the outcome vs the party who is better prepared entering the negotiation and has a good idea of wheat he or she wants
“Dates, Rates and Space”
you can only have 2! The planner can get the dates and meeting space he or she wants for a meeting, but may have to give a little on the rate.
Don’t be the first one to make an offer
letting the other person make the first move sets the outside parameters for the negotiation
When there’s a roadblock, find a more creative path
thinking “outside the box” often leads to a solution
timing is everything
remember the time always works against the person who doesn’t have it, 90% of negotiation usually occurs in the last 10% of the time allocated
Listen, listen, listen…and don’t get emotional
Letting emotions rule a negotiation will cause one to lose sight of what results are important
The purpose of CVBs
help the long economic development of communities through the travel and tourism business. bring together businesses that rely on tourism and meetings for revenue. Serve as official contact-points between their destination and meeting professional, tour operators, and individual tourists.
The value of a CVB
offer unbiased information about a destinations services and facilities. Act as a “one stop shop” for meeting professionals. provide full range of information about a destination. do not charge for most of their services
Roles and functions of CVBs
not for profit organization supported by transient room tax government funds and private membership
a professional management company specializing in the design and delivery of event, activities, tours, staffing and transportation utilizing extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources
Services offered by DMCs
hotel and event venue selection, creative itineraries, special event and creative themes concepts, event production, sight-seeing options, team building activities, meeting support services, transportation planning and delivery, dining programs, entertainers, speakers, vip service, staffing services, budgeting and resource management, usually mark things up 20%
structure of DMC
many are small, stand alone operations, locally owned and operated. others are regional, national or international in scope with multiple destination offices. some have a strong affiliation with a particular hotel or resort
Pieces per person: 2 hours or less (dinner following)
Light: 3-4 pieces
Moderate: 5-7 pieces
Heavy: 8+ pieces
Pieces per person: 2 hours or less (no dinner)
Light: 6-8 pieces
Moderate: 10-12 pieces
Heavy: 12+ pieces
Pieces per person: 2-3 hours (no dinner)
Light:8-10 pieces
Moderate:10-12 pieces
Heavy: 16+ pieces
all female
all male
Hot and cold rule
1/3 cold, 2/3 hot
coffee, tea, decaf
1 gallon of coffee
20 cups
coffee first thing in the am
1.5 cups pp
morning break
1 cup pp
4 gallons of coffee
1 gallon of hot water
100 people standard coffee drinkers
5 gallons of coffee
2 gallons of hot water
2 gallons of decaf
1. match the gift to the person: note their lifestyle or restrictions
2. avoid: fruit and cut cheese/unpackaged cracker
3. consider alternatives: pretzels and beer/cookies and milk, room service gift certificate, bottled water, spa massage or gift ship certificate
when you don’t perform as you say you are going to
Type 1 vegetarian
no meat, but they will eat poultry and fish
Type 2 vegetarian
“lacto-ovo” no meats, poultry or fish

by products are okay, cheese, eggs milk

Type 3 vegetarian
“vegans” no animal source at all, no by products includin butter or honey
F&B functions
food for fuel
food for the overall experience
keeps group together
eases service strain in restaurants on site
“what can go wrong will go wrong”
catered events-defined
one host/sponsor
one check/bill
sam meal
mandatory service charge (15-20%)
plus tax and plus gratuity
On Premise catering
facility with permanent kitchen and function rooms
location-hotels, restaurant, convention center, permanent furniture and equipment
Off Premise Catering
transport food (prepared or to prepare on site)
locations-tents, museums, parks attractions
Equipment and furniture rentals
contract through RFP
DMC defined (destination management company)
locally based company who knows the locally based venues, caterers and suppliers.
a one stop shop for the planner.
Transportation-additional costs-additional coordination
Weather-always a challenge, back up plans required
categories of liquor
beer-soft spirit
wine-soft spirit
spirits-hard liquor
well brands- less expensive house liquor or brand
call brands-mid-range price, specially requested
premium brands-high priced, high quality, top shelf
banquet event orders
Organizational structure of CVBs
63% are independent organizations; OOCCVB
24% are some sort of agency; seminole county
7% are a division of a chamber of commerce; small destinations
types of CVBs
53% are membership organizations averaging 663 members representing
24% convention service and suppliers
20% lodging establishments
15% restaurants
10% retail
stuff we all get
Mark Fredrickson
hello florida, experience florida, elite destination management, florida coast to coast
day or two prior to opening of event
a time to meet all the hotel reps
a time to confirm/review all arrangements
the accounting person needs to be there, also sales person to get the sale for the following year!
Negotiation contracts
Remember that a meeting contract provides a “package” of funds to a hotel
Never sign a contract where major items are left to future negotiation
Specify special room rates – ex. for staff and speakers
Provide the ability to cancel a meeting without penalty or damages if
– hotel ownership or management is changed
– the meeting outgrows hotel space or substantially shrinks in size
– the hotel does not perform satisfactorily at an earlier meeting or
– an averse change in the hotels quality rating
Contract basics
An agreement between 2 or more people consisting of a promise or mutual promises which the law will enforce, or the performance of which the law recognizes as a duty
Essential elements of a contract
Offer by one party
Acceptance of the offer as presented
Consideration…price negotiated and paid for the agreement
In a meeting context, the hotel or other venue is usually the offerer
Written agreement is generally proposed, after some preliminary negotiation, by the hotel
Meetings sponsor becomes the offeree but typically a counter-offer is made
Means of settling disputes without the courts
Designed for quick, practical, and inexpensive settlements
Either party can utilize lawyers
Minimum of pre-trial procedures
The parties also generally agree that the results are binding and cannot be appealed toa court of law
Damages are either liquidates damages that is, damages that the parties agree in advance as a result of a breach
4 methods
Privately and informally in a businesslike way that encourages continued business relationships
Forget the possibility of reaching a solution and walk away from the problem
Go to court and sue
Resolve the dispute through other means

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