Heterogeneous Aqueous Systems

are heterogeneous mixtures solutions?
how many substances can be identified in a heterogeneous mixture?
at least 2
a mixture from which some of the particles settle out slowly upon standing
what is the typical diamter of particles in a suspension?
1000 nm
how does the role of gravity change between a solution and a suspension?
because of the bigger particle size in suspensions, gravity plays a bigger role in suspensions
what will pass through a filter when a suspension containing water is poured?
only the water wll pass through, suspension particles are too big
a mixture whose particles are intermediate in size between those of a suspension and a solution
what states can a dispersion medium be in?
solid, liquid, gas
what are three examples of colloids?
paint, glue, gelatin
how can colloids be like suspensions?
can be cloudy or milky when concentrated
how can colloids be like solutions?
they can be clear when dilute
what is the diamter of colloid particles like relative to solution and sspension particles?
bigger than solution particles and smaller than suspension particles
can colloid particles pass through a filter?
do colloid particles settle with standing time?
can colloid particles coagulate?
can colloid particles emulsify or be made stable
scattering of light by particles in a colloid or suspension, which causes a beam of light to become visible
tyndall effect
other than colloids, what exhibits the tyndall effect?
why do solutions not exhibit the tyndall effect?
the particles are too small
the chaotic movement of colloidal particles, caused by collision with particles of the solvent in which they are dispersed
brownian motion
what helps colloidal particles from settling?
brownian motion
what causes colloidal particles to coagulate?
particles absorbing a positive or negative charge
what will a large aggregate in a colloid do?
precipitate from the dispersion
the colloidal dispersion of one liquid in another
what are two emulsifying agents?
soap and detergent
what do emulsions do?
allow colloid dispersion between liquids that do not normally mix
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