Hero: High School and Super Natural Powers

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Being a hero doesn’t need to be a superhuman with super natural powers. ‘Are superheroes real? ’ That was my question when I was still a child. Superpowers, Magic Stone, gods and goddesses, those are mostly the things that surround a hero. But will there ever be a Hero without any Superpowers? This High School Year, I’ve been engaged in reading this book: Percy Jackson and The Olympians.

Percy, just like us, were normal, been kicked out in different schools, Living a normal life, until then, he didn’t know that he was a hero, A Demigod, half-blood, half-human, half- god. Percy is the kind of hero that I want, he commits a mistake, trying to live a normal life, and handling everything under his control. Like him, I want to help other people even though I don’t have any superpowers. Even without power, there is a hero in every one of us. All of us were born Superhero.

Just think of this, without our police officers, what do you think happen already in our world? Full Chaos, I guess. Without the Firefighters, who do you think will put out the fires? None, right. The Teachers, Who do you, think will teach us these

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stuffs, Do you think will we ever be successful if there is no teacher that touches our life? No. They fill us the knowledge that our parents can’t. Be thankful! Me as a student I will help my classmates when they can’t understand something.

Being a hero doesn’t mean helping others with other little things that they can, like letting them cheat in the quizzes, just because they didn’t study. A hero doesn’t teach Laziness, Cheating, and copying. Being a hero doesn’t need to be a superhuman with super natural powers. Being a hero is doing the right thing, doing and helping other people especially those who are in need. Because the real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else. And they do good action by stealth, and it is always found out by accident.

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