Here’s What E-Commerce Sites Need To Do To Pull More Women Shoppers Online

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What makes women in India skeptical about shopping online? According to a market research jointly presented by Google India and consulting firm A.T.Kearney, that there will be 5X growth in number of women shoppers by 2020 and those currently shopping online will double their share of online spend. Women are most likely to spend on categories like apparel and accessories and are looking for more brands and trends online.

At an event jointly conducted by the two companies, both Ajay Gupta, partner at Kearney and;Nitin Bawankule, industry director for Google India, agreed to the fact that it;s going to be a challenge for e-commerce firms to bring women shoppers online. The following are few of the main reasons why women consumers stay away from online shopping and what companies could possibly do build their trust online.

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