Healthy Food Proposal

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The school do offer healthy fruits and vegetables to the students but they refused to eat them and if they do select these healthy choices to students really decide to eat them and most the time they Just throw them in the trash students need to start eating better so they won’t be sluggish throughout the day And won’t be falling asleep in class because they will have the energy that is needed unhealthy dating has been Campbell problem because now we have kids developing type two diabetes while 20 years prior this disease was only found In adults this is also affecting students because not only do they have to worry about school now They also have to be concern about their blood sugar levels being stable in her article “What Is the Prevalence of obesity ” Tamer S. Hanson states that In the past 30 years the number of children diagnosed as being all the way has increased by hundred percent also in the Pam food Inc. Sakes play Holocaust to eat well and Hereford the unhealthy foods are cheaper and I need you to buy as a faculty and parents it is your Job to educate students healthy eating because they are your future will be the ones to care for you but they can’t do that if there too out of shape to even move there are ways that we can help solve this problem with unhealthy eating Schools can start offering health classes to help them stay healthy with these classes we can require students to do a schooled project on healthy eating by having them recorded the eating habits for at least two weeks to a month after this period of time e will have a chart showing life expectancy based on the way they eat hopefully for the students were eating bad realize that their life Is short and with bad multicultural and the goal Is to change their mind on how they should start eating now for this plan to work we would have to start this class as an elective for students who are overweight and wish to losing and with his class because the better chance of reaching their go to lose weight the supplies needed for this class will not be hard to obtain because most of any information is already online and all we will need is an pen computer class for at least one period of the day this solution is easy and will not cost the school much money to start up and this will work because the majority of students want to live healthy life’s as a child you want to be able to go out and play with friends and if unhealthy it makes it harder to do and turns them back to unhealthy eating.

For this plan school teachers and parents will have to try and force good eating at school and at home also they wanted to change the way they he also because It Is dinners are constantly seeing healthy eating nationally they will start owing the same. Healthy Food Proposal By Jordanmcnellys2020 need to start eating better so they wont be sluggish throughout the day And won’t be diabetes while 20 years prior this disease was only found in adults this is also “What is the Prevalence of obesity “.

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