Healthcare Management – Chapter 10 Quiz

the desire and willingness of one person to exert effort toward a goal or outcome
McClelland’s theory
Needs are learned and can be learned throughout a person’s life. Some learned needs are achievement, power and affiliation.
the ability of a person in an HCO to influence other employees to bring about a desired outcome
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Physiological needs must be met before safety and security needs.
Alderfer’s ERG theory
Lower levels of needs must be accomplished before higher levels of needs can be met.
Herzberg theory
There is a relationship between hygiene factors and dissatisfaction.
hygiene factors
company policies, pay, supervision and working conditions
Vroom’s expectancy theory
how an employee judges work performance connected to his/her pay
Adams equity theory
Employees’ motivation is affected by how their work and compensation compare to the work and compensation of other employees.
Skinner’s reinforcement theory
People are motivated by the consequences of their behavior through punishment or reward.
goal-setting theory
Employees have specific goals and get feedback on progress toward those goals.
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