Healthcare Management ch. 11

The principle of unity of command states that each employee has a single immediate supervisor, who in turn is responsible to her immediate superior, and so on along the chain of command
Authority is the right to give orders to designated individuals, while span of management deals with scope of supervision
In an extender role
A scribe who takes detailed documentation of the physician’s findings is serving
Which of the following authority types is an example of personal authority?
Disciplining an employee
Teams would Not be useful in which of the following tasks?
Depending on the size of the organization, the CEO may retain responsibility for work specialization to reduce the need for decentralization
Which of the following statements is true?
Barnard defined a type of authority that is given by subordinates to their superiors. This authority type is best known as which of the following?
The type of power is based on one’s desire to be like another person
Whether it is staff or line personnel being supervised
Which of the following is Not a factor that determines span of supervision?
A manager threatens to cut an employee’s pay for not accepting additional responsibility. The manager is exhibiting ____ power
Traditional authority
Authority that arises from the subordinate belief in social order is
Based on many different factors
The appropriate span of control for a manager is
Which of the following is Not an organizing concept?
The lower the rung on the administrative ladder, the narrower is the area in which authority can be exercised.
Table of organization
Which of the following is a depiction of the organization?
Advisory in nature
Staff authority is
Authority is often legitimized by the position held within an organization
Communication is often easier in flat rather than tall organizations
Number of people one person can supervise effectively
Span of management is which of the following?
Administrative authority of hospital managers and clinical authority of the medical staff.
Dual command refer to which of the following?

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