Healthcare Information Systems and Information Systems

Use of the computer hardware and software to process data into information to solve a problem
Information Systems
Group of systems used to support and enhance health care
Information Systems
Large, computerized database management systems that support several types of activities that may include provider entry order, results retrieval, documentation, and decision support across distributed locations
Clinical Information Systems
Directly support care, may be stand alone or integrated systems; goal quick, safe access to patient information
Clinical Information Systems
How does clinical information systems support safe patient care?
1. Ordering appropriate medications/treatments
2. implement cost-effective treatments
3. prevent duplicate treatments
What are some types of clinical information systems?
1. Nursing Information Systems
2. Monitoring Systems
3. Order Entry Systems
4. Laboratory Systems
5. Radiology Systems
6. Pharmacy Systems
Nursing process approach; critical pathway
Nursing Information Systems
Describe Monitoring Systems
1. automatically input info into clinical information system
2. alarms notify caregivers of readings outside of normal range
What are some tools that using monitoring systems?
1. Wireless
2. COW/WOW-Computer On Wheels
Describe the wireless and COW/WOW systems
-Wireless-look up info and document from bedside
-COW/WOW-movable workstation
What is this system?
-orders entered into computer are transmitted to appropriate areas
-direct entry of orders by physician/NP
Order Entry Systems
What system is used by the Institute of Medicine and Leapfrog Group?
Order Entry Systems (CPOE)
What does the Institute of Medicine and Leapfrog Group improve?
The quality of care and reduce medical errors
What are some challenges of using CPOE?
1. busy clinicians
2. changes in work process
3. difficult sign-on
4. limited system access/response time
5. funding constraints
6. inadequate access to clinical data
What can the laboratory systems do?
1. alert providers when results are back/critical values
2. send results to clinical system to view
3. accept input from beside devices
4. generate labels for specimen collection
Can provide many benefits, including shorter turn-around time for results, prevention of duplicate testing, decreased likelihood of human error, and identification of abnormal results according to age, sex, hospital errors
Laboratory Systems
Provides scheduling of diagnostic tests, communication of clinical information, generation of client instructions and preparation procedures, transcription of results and impressions, and file room management such as tracking of film location
Radiology Systems
Describe the of usage of Pharmacy Systems (5)
1. provide checks in order and administration process
2. bar-code technology
3. use lab results, allergy and interaction information from clinical systems
4. track medication usage, cost, billing info
5. e-prescribing
True/False: Pharmacy Systems exclusively uses just their system
FALSE: May include more than one system
How do pharmacy systems use more than one system?
1. dispensing systems (robots)
2. Unit-based dispensing cabinets
3. bar-code and RFID Medication Administration
Support client care by managing financial and demographic information and providing reporting capabilities
Administrative Information Systems
What does the administrative information system help with?
1. client management
2. financials
3. payroll
4. human resources
5. quality assurance systems
6. scheduling system
7. contract management
Supports the use and documentation of nursing processes and activities and provides tools for managing the delivery of nursing care
Nursing Information System
What are the goals of the nursing information system? (2)
1. Support the way nurses function
2. support and enhance nursing practice
how does the nursing information system support the way nurses function?
1. allows them to view data
2. collect information
3. provide quality client care
4. document the client’s condition and the care provided
How does the nursing information system support and enhance nursing practice?
1. improved access to information and tools
a) online literature databases
b) drug information
c) hospital policy
d) procedure guidelines
What are the advantages of the nursing information system? (6)
1. improved access to information
2. better documentation
3. improved quality of care
4. improved productivity and communications
5. tracking capabilities
6. enhanced regulatory compliance
Nursing Process
based on traditional document with nursing diagnosis as organizing framework, may use standardized nursing language
Critical Pathways
Identifying variances to anticipated outcomes as they are charted
What are some NIS and Documentations?
1. Nursing Process
2. Flowsheets
3. Worklists
4. Charting by Exception
5. Progress Notes
Provide common language for all nurses in lcoations
Why is it important to have standardized Nursing Languages?
1. It is important to the development of electronic health record
2. measure nursing contributions
3. contribute to body of nursing knowledge
Uses barcode on the unit-dose medication package and patient bracelet to ensure right patient , right drug, right dose, right time, right route
Bar code and RFID Medication Administration
What are the benefits of E-Prescribing? (5)
1. provides a longitudinal prescription record
2. checks for formulary compliance and reimbursement
3. alerts about interactions
4. reminders to order home meds for discharged patient
5. eliminates phone authorization for refills
Describe Home Healthcare (3)
1. communicate with hospital systems to exchange data
2. support demands for excessive info
3. improve payment
What technology is used for home healthcare?
Why is long-term healthcare systems needed?
It is needed for the improvement of quality care and efficiency
True/False: Long Term Healthcare Systems are critical for business survival
How does Long-Term Healthcare best serve patients?
When integrated with other systems
Focuses on acquiring practical knowledge and skilled behaviors and is an organized approach for providing large numbers of staff and healthcare workers with the knowledge needed to use an information system in a clinical setting
Designed to develop to help ensure instructional success.
Training Plan
What does a training plan address? (7)
1. training philosophy
2. identification of training needs
3. training approach
4. training resources
5. timetable and training schedule
6. budget and costs
7. evaluation strategy
Describe the characteristics of a training plan
1. align with the organization’s strategic initiatives
2. provides blueprint for employees
3. focuses on development of knowledge and skills
4. designed to ensure instructional success
What are the components of a training plan? (6) PIATRE
1. philosophy
2. identification
3. approach
4. timetable/schedule
5. resources
6. evaluation
Commitment to: effort, resource allocation, budget, hours, staffing, timing in relation to go-live data
of training needs
assessment determines:
-instructional interventions
-delivery methods
-creation of purchase of training materials
-in-house trainers vs. outsourced training
What does timetable/training schedule consider?
-number of persons to be trained
-amount of time required to train
-time needed for all training
-budget requirements
What are some examples of resources?
Why is training necessary? (2)
1. use information systems to access and document patient information
2. plays a role in adoption and integration of computer technology
Healthcare workers who use an information system to view or document client information
Staff person who has become proficient in the use of the system and mentors others staff
Super User
True/False: Super-users require less training to support the information sytem
FALSE: requires MORE training to support END-USERS
Group of individuals who perform similar functions and for the purpose of information system training and use, require instruction on how to access and use the same set of system feaures
User Class
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