Health Promotion Powerpoint 5: Smoking Cessation & Stress Management

How much more are smoking employees are absent than non smokers per year?
2 to 5
How much higher are smokers health costs than non smokers? Which causes?
15% higher
lost productivity
What are the two basic categories for smoking cessation approaches?
Are they better together or alone?
-Behavioral: providing education & counseling with self-management skills
-pharmacologic: various nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)
What are the three phases in tobacco cessation?
1. preperation
2. quitting
3. maintenance
What are three individual level strategies for quitting smoking?
1. awareness strategies
2. self-help materials
3. on-site cessation groups
What are some organizational level strategies that could help with smoking?
-support for on-site cessation programs
-offer complementary programs to integrate with quitting and maintenance phase
-smoke free workplace policy
-health benefit coverage of smoking cessation services
What smoking cessation strategies were more effective?
-individual counseling, NRT and multiple interventions on site BETTER THAN

no treatment, self-help materials, and social support

What does the smoking cessation programs help?
# of employees who attempted to quit
What was the overall impact on the WHP smoking help?
modest for quitting
-Restrictive policies resulted in a reduction of _____ cigs/day
-smoke free workplaces had about ______ times effect on consumption and prevalence as policies that allowed smoking
-effects of overall cigarette consumption was ________________________________.
-overall impact of policy alone was ________________.
-less favorable
Stress is a prevelant problem that is associated with? (2)
-health problems including burnout and depression
-rising medical cost in mental health
Stress is associated with many of leading causes of __________ & ___________ in worksites.
disease and injury
What is frequently cited as the primary life stressor?
What has been of increasing concern to both employers and governments for over 20 years?
occupational stress (work stress)
Higher levels of stress were associated with: (3)
1. reduced job performance
2. job motivation
3. increased intention to quit
Previous studies for stress management
-interventions designed to help employees modify their appraisal of stressors or deal effectively with stress symptoms
Recent studies for stress management
-interventions designed to approach to both organizational level and individual level
Were combining both organizational and individual interventions more effective on treating stress or alone?
Previous study issues
1. programs did not have effect on absenteeism or job satisfaction
2. support for cost effectiveness of SM program increased, unclear if cost benefits can be attributed to SM programs
3. quality of research addressing effectiveness has decreased
Recent Study Issues
1. difficult to measure effect of stress management program
2. majority of studies did not have significant follow-up periods
3. individual x work environment for long term effective change?
Has there been considerable improvement in research methods for 20 years, however more progress is still needed to compare among interventions?
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