Health Information Management Principles – Final

Concept of Equal Opportunity Employment
Is giving all people a fair chance to succeed without discrimination that is based on factors unrelated to job performance such as sex, age, religion or national origin
Job Performance Standards
Are related directily to the job requirements established through job analysis
What is OSHA’s greatest concern
Safety on the job
The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1070, the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1972, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 are all examples of federal legislation designed for
Keeping the workplace safe and accessible to workers
Reduces costs, improves efficiency of services and improves access to services al describe
Goals of Health Care Reform Legislation
Reduction in worked hoursm, Voluntary attrition without replacement and involuntary separation are the mechanism that are used to accomplish…
Downsizing the Workforce
Overtime pay, child labor and record keeping are part of what act?
Labor Standards Act
Labor Relations, security provisions for staff and employee development are all related to …….
Human Resource Management
Progressive discipline entails a structured process of increasingly adverse managerial responses to recurring violations of organziational policy or guidelines of employee conduct
Principle of Progress Discipline
Female applicants are asked questions in the screening interview about child care arrangements and with a male applicant they do not. This is an exmaple of?
Unequal Disparate Treatment
The process of reconciliation as part of human resource planning
Achieving a best estimate of net demand for human resources for the planning period
Recruitment targets should be based on human resource supply and demand analysis, should be evaluated for its cost and benefits, yield analysis on quantitative methods of evaluating the relative effectiveness of various recruitment activities all describe
Effective Recruitment
The most descriptive of Human Resource Managment in the 21st century is
Highly influenced by legal constraints and technological developments
American with Disabilities Act
Is associated with the concepts of reasonable accomodation and determing essential functions of the job
Employee Retirement Income Security Act
Associated with protecting employees pension rights and other employees benefits
Conduct a formal needs assessment to determine skills, knowledge and other deficiencies is the first thing that is done in implementing a…….
Effective in-service training program
The main objective of supervisory coaching for career development
Assists the employee in forming realistic plans for career growth and mobility withing the organization
A managers right to require or prohibit certain actions is his or her
New hire screening interviews are generally conducted by the …
Hiring Supervisor
Evaluating the adequacy and appropriateness of care is a function of the
Health Record
Clinical observations, discharge information and records of immunizations are all data elements that are usually documented in what type of health care record
Acute Care
Ensuring continuity of future care, providing information to support the activities of the medical staff reveiw committee and providing concise information that can be used to answer imformation requests are all functions of the
Discharge Summary
A patients consent to undergo treatment can be expressed by
submitting to treatment
Progress notes, admission diagnosis and the name of the insurance company are all considered what type of data?
Social Security Act
Federal Law that resulted in the new privacy regulations for healthcare organizations
Includes the names of the surgeon and assistants, date, duration and description of the procedure and any specimens removed
Pathology Report
What is unrelated to Human Resource Management?
Staff Credentialing
Entails a structured process of increasingly adverse managerial responses to reoccurring violations organizational policy or guidelines of employee conduct
Principle of Progressive Discipline
Written document of the essential requirements, responsibilities, reporting relationships, qualifications, working conditions, performance standards and requirements are all included in
Job Description
Organizing a health information department of a large ambulatory care center into teams to provide services to particular clients is an example of which type of work organization
Assigning three health information management professionals of thirty five full time equivalent staff members in a health information management department to handle release of information requests is an example of which type of work organization?
Quantity + Quality staff hours is an expression of:
Work sampling using random observation is effective because
Data is obtained with less time and expense
Comparing an organizations performance against organizations that have been identified as excellent. A tool used for gathering data and identifying ways to improve processes and initiate change at all operational levels
Which of the following represents data about a delay in the ROI process that would be found by using a work flow process chart
It takes 15 days to get a record copied.
The symbol, “:” in a flow process chart that describes the review of a consent for release of information to determine that it meets the health information criteria for processing the request is an example of:
The primary advantage of using a decision matrix in the decision process is:
All relevant information can be displayed and viewed at the same time
The task of strategic planning in an organization would most likely be completed by
Top Management
All of the following are related to the process of organization except
Determining the goals that are to be achieved
Which type of plan positions an organization future in an environmental context?
Which document indicates how much time employees in a department spends on various activities?
Work Distribution Chart
A Gantt chart would be useful in which of the following activities
In work sampling, how should the observation times of a worker’s task be scheduled?
What is the first question that a work simplification analyst should ask?
What is being done and why
When a PERT network is constructed, time is generally related to:
The activities
A visual tool that combines the relationship of work planned, work completed, and time is called a:
Gantt Chart
The goal of work simplification is
Elimination of waste
For a manger to encourage the acceptance of standards in a department, he or she should:
Involve the employees in the development of the standards
What ratio measure the ability of an organization to meet its short and long term obligations
Which of the following is a performance measure
Operating Margin Ratio
Net Present Value
Uses a discounting factor
When a proposed project is competing with other departmental proposals for authorized funding, and it has cash outflows and cash inflows, the capital expenditure committee will use which of the following to analyze the project before the hospital makes an objective decision?
Net Present Value
Before the capital evaluation committee authorized an acquisition, it will also examine other capital evaluation measures using what ratio.
Operating Margin Ratio
The capital expenditure committee will be examining the ____ to objectively determine whether the benefits to be received from the purchase are the best alternative use of the organization’s investment funds. They will be examing the
Opportunity Cost
The finance officer will calculate the _____ for the proposed imaging system to determine the cash inflows and outflows for the project as a given discount rate.
Net Present Value
To analyze what has actually been expended compared with that which was budgeted can be determined from the
Variance Report
When there is no internal historical data available to accurately predict the volume of a project, a ______ budget would not be possible for the first year
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