Health In a Changing Society (Ch. 1)

State of complete, physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being.

Process of adopting patterns of behavior that can lead to improbed health and heightened life satisfaction; wellness has several domains and can be conceptualized as a continuum.

Ecological model of health and wellness
A framework that recognizes the interrelationship between indivudals and theur enviornment; emphasizes the multiple socual determinants that influence health.

Social determinants of health
Societal conditions that affect health and can potentially be altered by social and health policies and programs.

Public health
The study and practice of health promotion and disease prevention at the population level.

Health promotion
Public-health-related actions designed to maintain a current health state or advance to a more desirable state.

Disease prevention
Public-health-related actions designed to ward off or protect against specific diseases.

Community Health
Issues, events and activitys related to the health of a whole community, as well as activitys directed toward bettering the health of the public and/or activitys employing resources available in common to members of the community.

The sense of identiy an indivudal draws from a common ancestory/ and or a common national, religious, tribual, language, or cultural origin.

Term used in the social sciences to describe groups based on physical characteristics, such as skin color or facial features; race does not exist as a biological reality.

Stages of Change Model
Model of behavior change that focuses on stages of change.

Internal state in which you feel competent to perfrom a specific task.

Backslide into a former health state.

Health Literacy
The ability to read, understand, and act on health information.

Health Risk
Probability of an exposure to a hazard that can result in negative consequences.

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