Health Fitness Management Ch.1

Core values
Foundation of the culture of the company
Cultural heroes
Associates who , through actions consistent with the values of the company create an amazing experience for a member. Shining examples to others.
Pereto’s Law
80:20 rule. Focus on 20% of tasks that yield 80% results.
Consistently telling people how they should act or fixing problems for them.
Sustainable competitive advantage
Only long term edge is culture
3 leadership theories
1. Trait leadership
2. Behavioral leadership
3. Situational leadership.
3 classifications of management theory
1. Scientific management approach
2. Human relations management approach
3. Process (administrative) approach
Characteristics of great leaders
1. Create group culture
2. Inspire trust
3. Communicate goals
Characteristics of great managers
1. Nose for talent
2. Continually assess talent
3. Understand that everyone is different
4. Encourage feedback
5. Provide clear expectations
ACE Model

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