Head of Poseidon Essay

The caput of Poseidon / Antigonous Doson is a Grecian bronze sculpture. The sculpture was created during the Hellenistic period ( 300-30 BC ) . His individuality was ill-defined until the find of an ancient Grecian Ag coin. The coin created during 227-221 BC portrays the Macedonian King Antigonous Doson as Poseidon. God of the Sea. which reestablishes the domination of Macedonians over sea. Poseidon / Antigonous Doson’s caput seemed really interesting. because of its comparative size and texture.

The colour composing and extreme inside informations to contrast and brightness on his face and face fungus creates a really realistic consequence. The bronzy caput full of thick wavy hair and on top of which he wears a caput set symbolizes royalty as a God / swayer. His all right facial castanetss and full unfastened lips create a esthesis that the sculpture is alive and external respiration. The empty-eye-socket seemed a spot eldritch. It likely could hold contained a rock of some kind to make eyes which might be stolen or lost.

The thick bushy face fungus ( with all right lines meaning attending to little inside informations ) which was criterion of that clip period and his age besides symbolizes the turbulency of moving ridges. since he was the Sea-God. Poseidon was the boy of Cronus and Rhea. Poseidon is one of the six siblings who finally divided the powers of the universe. His brothers and sisters include Zeus. Hades. Demeter. Hestia and Hera. Zeus became the swayer of sky. Hades got the underworld and Poseidon became the swayer of the sea.

Poseidon symbolizes the H2O component and has mastery over the seas. The symbol of his power was the fisherman’s fork or trident. by which he produced temblors. rose up islands from the underside of the sea and caused Wellss to spring from the Earth. Poseidon possessed the power of comforting troubled Waterss. making angry moving ridges and allowing safe transition across seas. For this ground Poseidon was offered forfeits and thanksgiving before and after a safe comfortable journey by sea.

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