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Associate Level Material Medical Terminology Breakdown Break down 10 medical words from your chosen article. Place the component parts in the correct boxes. Copy and paste this template into your Week Eight paper. |Medical Word |Prefix |Combining form |Suffix |Definition | |1 |Diagnosis |Dia |Gnos/o |Osis |Complete knowledge of condition | |5 |Spinal | |Spin/o |Al |Pertain to the spine or backbone | |6 |Orthopedic |Orth/o |Ped/o |Ic |Straight ,child Knowledge | |7 |Ultrasonography |Ultra |Son/o |Grapy |Beyond higher sound process of recording | |8 |Neonatology |Ne/o |Nat/o |Logy |Study of birth | |9 |Malformation |Mal |Format/o |Ion |Bad structure condition | |10 |Neurology | |Neur/od |Logy |Study of nerves | My 10 Sentences 1. My father and grandmother have spinal injury. 2. My daughter has good motor skills. 3. When it rains and storms real ad it makes my children real nervous. 4. My sisters had to wait at the doctors of for a long time for my sister diagnosis. 5. Down syndrome is a congenital condition. 6. I had to go to an orthopedic doctor when I broke my leg in a car wreck. 7.

When I had my baby pre-mature she had to be treated in a neonatology center. 8. My best friend’s son has a malformation of the jaw. 9. When I went to the hospital my mom could to see her granddaughter in my womb because of an ultrasonography. 10. I discover if a person has an panic attack you might be seen in the neurology care. The article that I chose was “Introduction: Spina bifida-a Multidisciplinary Perspective” ` It is a paper written to bring awareness of Spinal Bifida and the research being done because not all aspects of Spina Bifida are apparent at first glance. Individuals with spina bifida are growing into adulthood and need to have the proper extensive health care.

The article says that Spina Bifida is the most common birth defect affecting the central nervous system. It is the most complex birth defect because it is so complex. Diagnosis and treatment begins before birth, this is the first issue of the journal devoted solely to spinal bifida since 1998. This paper is important because the research done teaches us things about spinal bifida which is more prevalent than many other neurogenic disorders, and can impact treatment for people with other development disabilities I just found out that I son has spina bifida. Spina bifida involves genetic and environmental factors; the most common form is myelomeningocele and usually affects the brain.

Spina bifida is perceived by the public as an orthopedic disorder because of the difficulties with ambulation. Pre-natal diagnosis involves alpha-fetoprotein screening and ultrasonography in neural tube defects because definitive chromosomal abnormalities are usually not present. More individuals with spinal bifida live into adulthood. The effective transition of care from pediatric to adult setting is increasingly important. The study and information for adults with spinal bifida lags behind all other chronic health conditions. Health care providers have to take special care with adults with spinal bifida in regard to pulmonary issues, sexuality, and obesity.

This article covered some of the more rare forms of spinal bifida and what symptoms and problems that they have with each, but the main issue is that because it can affect other development disabilities and there are so many different forms and issues that can be present health care providers are going to have to receive knowledge from somewhere to give effective health care. Anatomical Structure’s 1. Heart – chest- circulates blood flow throughout the body 2. Larynx- throat- speech 3. Tongue- mouth- taste 4. Bones-throughout the body-support 5. Eyes-front of head-to see 6. Nose- front of head- to smell 7. Pituitary Gland- back of the neck- secrete hormones into the Blood 8. Blood-throughout a person body- transport oxygen and carbon monoxide in and out of the body 9. Coccyx- tailbone- formed by fused bones 10. Sacrum- wedge shaped bone in the pelvic girdle –serves as an articulation point of the hip

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