hatchet vocab study

Momentarily at any moment.
Gratitude the quality being thank full.
Audible able to be heard.
Jolt move with sudden lurches.
Rigid unable to be bend or be forced out of shape.
turbulence violent or unsteady movement in air or water.
Tremble shake involuntary(crazy)
Depress push or pull something or someone
Transmission the action or process of transmitting something
Interval space between two things (a gap)
Altitude the height of an object or point in relations to sea level or ground level
Keen sharp or penetrating
Remnant a small renaming quantity of something
Horde a large group
Desperation being despair or extreme behavior change
Abate lessen or to remove
Moderate average in amount or quality
Murky Dark or dirty (usually water or some type of liquid)

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