Hatchet study guide-Questions

What is the main event that has happened since Brian woke up from his dream?
It is when he was making a fire.

What does Brian do after he is unable to start a fire with dried grass and twigs?
He shredded his $20 bill and also found birch bark.

What does the author mean by the sentence “Brian found it was a long way from sparks to fire”?
It takes a lot of sparks to make flames.

How does the author makes the sparks seem alive?
He used adjectives that makes it sound real. He describes that it moves and needs to eat. He also says it’s his friends.

How does the author show Brian is hard on himself for his failure to start a fire?
He compares himself to a cave man and repeats his words. He does by his choice of words and the way he explains it.

Why does Brian think the sparks are starving?
They don’t have any twigs or fuel so the sparks always die. He describes it well also.

How well do you think Brian is coping with the challenges he faces? Give examples.
I think good because he always complete the challenge or he tries to example he builds a shelter.

How does the author show that Brian’s mood has changed?
It shows it by explaining everything and the words he used helped. He smiled and is no longer alone. He also now has a fire which is his friends.

Why do you think Brian thanks other fire as a good friend?
He does because that’s one of the only thing he has and can do a lot with a fire.

Explain the steps Brian had to take to finally light the fire.
1. Hit the rock with hatchet
2.got grass
3. Tried twigs
4.tried grass and twigs
5. Tried his $20 bill
6. Made a ball of birchbark
7.repostioned his nest
8. Tried blowing on the fire
9. The flames appeared when he made the sparks with the hatchet

Why does it make sense for Brian to rip up the $20 bill to start the fire?
It does because he can’t buy anything in the wilderness. It has more value for a fire.

How does the author show Brian nervousness?
They said he was terrified and the adjectives make it sound like he’s nervous. They said his eyes widened.

Why do you think the author decided to sent the theme in total darkness?
I think because it makes it more suspicious and scary. It also makes the book and a mystery.

What do you think it’s causing the pain in Brian’s leg?
I think a snake is because it said something was slithering.

It’s densifies details on page 30 showing that this section is a work of realistic fiction.
A porcupine could stab you in the woods and it could be a bad musty smell

What images does the author use to make the porcupine seem like a horrible monster?
It said something was slithering and sparks of pain through his leg.

What does the author mean by “in just a moment it was all different”?
It means when he fell asleep everything was fine. When he woke up he was in pain.

What does Brian learn about feeling sorry for himself?
He didn’t do anything to settle and no problems were solved.

How does the author makes the dreams in the story seems like dream people have in real life?
People don’t always understand their dreams. He dreamt about his friends.

How does the author show Brian’s frustration with his dream about Terry?
The authors word choice shows us his frustration and he repeats the word fire. He also didn’t get what Terry was saying so he was getting frustrated.

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