Hard Candy film Response

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The film starts with a 32 years old male trying to meet a teenage girl over the teens chat room. Jeff is a photographer which has taken photos of a lot of young females. The movie is based on a teenage girl – Halley taking a “revenge” on Jeff for him being a pedophilia. There are couple of ideas supports why she does that. Halley ‘s thinks he is a pedophilia. They meet a coffee shop, She gets herself invited to his house, fools around a bit and everything starts with Jeff offering her some drink.

As soon as she test the drink mixed up with some drugs which made Jeff unconscious she takes over the control by tying him in a chair securely. Here, we see feminism, chipolatas, voyeurism, torched and so on. I am going to start with chipolatas. It is easy to see chipolatas in Jeff life. Being a photographer and taking nude photos of females which most of them were teenagers is some kind of mixture of pedophilia’s and voyeurism. The reason why it is a mixture is, he has not been having sexual pleasure only from taking pictures of naked women, in this ease it

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would’ve been only voyeurism.

Being sexually pleased by seeing younger females (teenagers) is pedophilia’s which we see here. It is also clear that, people on Hallway’s age (teenage) would do a lot of things that adults wouldn’t do. Adults would think about the consequences which would be spending entire life in prison and etc. She has planned everything perfectly. The scenario has no mistakes. Well, obviously it is a movie. Personally I don’t think in real life this would happen.

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