Handle Information in Social Care Essay

The information protection act has been put in topographic point to protect employees against the abuse of personal informations. personal information will be stored in a file and may merely be disclosed by jurisprudence outside the company with the employees written consent. or where there is any danger to the employees wellness.

It is of import the company has a secure system to record and shop information so that they can reach the employee. or in instance of an exigency contact the following of family. It is of import to maintain information up to day of the month and accurate and correct any informations directly off. and review personal informations on a regular basis to guarantee all informations is kept up to day of the month

Employees can have a print on an yearly footing to be certain that all their information is right. All employees have the right to inquire the employees to set up for them to read all the personal informations that is held for them because all employees have the right to entree their personal informations.

Employees that have entree to personal informations must purely travel along with the policy and if these policies and processs are non complied with it may be consequence in disciplinary action being taken against themselves. Any concerns that the employee may hold over the recordings it must be brought to the attending of their employer directly off and should be dealt with consequently.

It is really of import that information protection has been put in topographic point to protect information on you service users and the information held should merely be given out to the relevant people etc household and physician. the information should be kept up to day of the month to maintain the information accurate. The attention program diary should be kept in a safe topographic point due to the personal information it holds

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