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?Molly Jaffe September 13, 2013 Individual Writing Assignment Hammurabi’s Law Code Hammurabi’s law code is rules and laws that set up rights and restrictions, which would create a community and keep peace. Hammurabi’s law code tells us that all the people who chose to follow him need to abide by these laws in order to succeed in life. The law code gave people a place in the Babylonian society. For example in law 108 when it shows that women were in charge of the tavern.

The rights and restrictions gave people something to follow which helped them do what was right, just, or equal. This helped them build a society and community based on ethics. The law code helped people figure out what to do in situations like, trade, eye for and eye, and woman’s place in society. For example the laws helped deal with settlements like in law 228 when it shows that If a builder build a house for someone, and does not construct it properly, and then the house which he build fall in and kill its owner that builder shall be put to death.

Law 228 shows that the put the law in place to insure that people would build the home in the correct, safe way. The law code also gave the citizens consequences, it showed the people what would happen if they stole, cheated, or committed murder. Like in law 14 when it states if any one steal the minor son of another, he shall be put to death. Eventually all these laws come together to help people know what to do in situations, keep the peace, give people a place in society, and create a community.

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