Hamlet and Splendor in the Grass as Tragic Love Stories

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In The Grass as Tragic Love Stories What often happens in a tragic love story? Not every story has a happy ending, some stories end in death or sadness. This is what happens in the book Hamlet and the movie Splendor In The Grass. Hamlet tells about the affection between Hamlet and Ophelia. The play is a tragedy, because both lovers die in the end of the story. The movie, Splendor In The Grass, also ends tragically. Because of the traditional views in the conservative society at that time, the characters must face many obstacles.

Therefore, because the two couples in both works do not have a perfect outcome, and both involve death in some way, both works tell a tragic love story between the main characters in which lead to an unhappy ending. Both Hamlet and Splendor In The Grass deal with the theme of love. In the play of Hamlet, Ophelia, hamlet’s lover, looses her mind because Hamlet killed her father and she couldn’t believe someone she loved would kill someone else she loved. When Ophelia accidently drowns, Hamlet feels that he has lost the only love of his life.

In the movie, Splendor In The Grass, Deanie follows her mom’s will by resisting having sex with her boyfriend, Bud. Then Bud takes his father’s suggestion, and finds another kind of girl to satisfy him and leaves the small town in which they live, to go to Yale University. So when Deanie finds out that bud is not going to date her anymore, she goes crazy. In both works, the father stands in the way of his son or daughter’s love. Hamlet and Splendor In The Grass also both ends in tragedy. At the end of Hamlet, Hamlet is poisoned by Claudius, and dies.

His mother, Queen Gertrude, also dies by accidently by drinking the poison which was supposed to kill Hamlet. Not only does Hamlet die from poison, but also everyone else at the end of the story and there’s no resolution of the love story between Hamlet and Ophelia. In Splendor In The Grass, Deanie is sent to a mental hospital after she becomes mad. After two years, she is able to go back home, and the first thing she asks about Bud. Deanie’s mother tells her Bud’s father committed suicide because of the financial crisis and his sister died in a car accident, and that his family was going to become “extinct” from this town.

When Deanie’s friend takes her to Bud, She finds out that he has married someone else, and that they have had a baby. Deanie realizes it is too late, there is nothing left between her and Bud. Therefore, both works do not have a happy ending. Overall, Hamlet and Splendor In The Grass both are stories of love and tragedy. They tell a love story between the main characters and end the story in such a tragedy. Therefore, Hamlet and Splendor In The Grass are tragic love stories. They deserve happiness, but they are stopped by their fathers and lose their own lives or lives of their family. In the end, neither of them have a happy ending.

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