Hamlet Criticism Outline

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David does well to follow the overall personality of Hamlet. The vie does a great job to follow the storyline as well, and the directing is well done to say the least. If I Were to give this movie a grade ranging from A to F would give it an A. Firstly because David Tenant is a phenomenal actor; he is really one of the few actors I’ve observed that can truly capture the essence of a non-existent character, and really give us a great idea of how he is meant to be portrayed. Live that David does a great job of this and he acts Hamlet out very well. Hamlet is quite out of his mind in the book and Davit’s mingle natural eccentricity, does well to compliment Hamlet in the way Shakespeare meant for him to be The Second reason why I’d rightfully give this movie an A is because the movie follows the play almost to a tee where diction and the plot is concerned.

Making this a very pleasurable experience to fans of Hamlet and Shakespearean work, as it doesn’t ruin the immaculate and meticulously formed play that is Shakespearean “Hamlet” During the well known “to

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be or not to be” soliloquy performed by Hamlet, David recites it refectory and thus does well to protect the sanctity of this wonderful production. This is the case with every other scenario, act, and scene within this movie. Lastly the directing is something to be proud of.

This movie was made in 2009 and it shows, but that isn’t a bad thing in this case. It brings a really warm modern feel to an old school play. Within one scene Hamlet is seen wearing a really modern shirt as the director wanted him to seem like he was in “casual attire” which he was sporting a cheesy shirt and sweatpants which of course you would never find in the sass’s but the interpretation done by Gregory Doran is simply flawless as it really gives the movie a an interesting twist.

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