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This population is growing fast. Its important feature is that it has a disposable income. Companies are waking up to this fact and coming up with clearcut media plans to target them. (9) For making and carrying out their plans, they need young, energetic, Internet-savvnvy and versatile media persons. In the current economic slowdown when Job market in the traditional media is shrinking and many job cuts and salary cuts have occurred, the demand for content writers continues to increase. Indian market needs good content writers for web. Moreover, a part of market has also been created because of outsourcing from the West.

For obvious reasons, there is more demand for content writers and web designers in English language. As the number of computers and internet users is increasing in India, the demand for content writers is also increasing in other languages particularly in Hindi. Therefore, IT understanding is fast becoming a basic Journalistic competence. In 2009 it is quite unthinkable that a newly qualified Journalist cannot work on Internet. In the ongoing financial crisis and uncertainty about the future of Jobs, Journalists need o learn more than Just how to write good articles.

They need to polish their editing skills, because content writing needs very tight editing 0 bullet style writing. Today, online media is growing faster than offline media and they look for Journalists with programming experience and knowledge. Teaching online media means imparting training on social media, visual communication and website creation. The basic and mass communication schools and they need to retrain themselves. Guest faculty, if available, could also be used to fill in the gap. Moreover, students should also be enlightened so that they would be at an dvantage in the profession if they know how to do web designing.

Some of the students, however, might find their own ways to learn web designing, digital photography, how to upload a digital photo or edit digital audio, etc. We have to encourage students to develop 82 bigger the changes that occur in the lives of the people. The basic web skills are often lacking in teachers of journalism and mass communication schools and they need to retrain themselves. Guest faculty, if available, could also be used to fill in the gap. References : Internet Cultureso, Nordicom Review, (Vol. 29, No. ) November 2008, Helsinki, Page 88 2. Ibid. page 87 3.

Brugger, Niels, 0The Archived Website and Website Philologyo, Nordicom Review, (Vol. 29, No. 2) November 2008, Helsinki, Pagel 55 mindset for entrepreneurship and making innovations Production of web pages, editing of digital video, digital story telling, etc. could be some of these new products. 5. Ibid. Page 47 6. OErgo to become online 0 only publication from August 10, The Hindu, Chennai, 31 July, 2009, Internet today has become more diversified, so have its users. Internet is being used by doctors, businessmen, lawyers, engineers, stock market players, portsmen, company executives, etc.

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