Gun Fight

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Imagine being a student in the Virginia Tech Massacre. Imagine seeing your family, friends, even total strangers shot on the streets every day. Gun Fight puts you in the middle of these types of situations. The intent of Gun Fight is to change the viewer’s opinion of gun rights and gun control by showing both sides of the argument and ultimately supporting the anti-gun movement. Clips from conventions supporting gun rights and clips supporting gun control give the reader the opportunity to see both sides.

Pro-gun control conventions have done experiments re-creating the VT massacre with paint ball guns showing that even if one student had a gun there were too many variables in action to make a difference. One of the main focuses of the documentary is a former Virginia Tech student that is now actively fighting against gun rights. He was shot four times during the massacre. Hearing his personal story gets viewers to sympathize with what he’s been through but also brings an expert testimony to the documentary.

Clips from an ER where doctors are constantly working with gun violence patients also share what they have observed of urban inner-city gun violence. This document effectively shows how more gun control laws need to be passed to make it more difficult for guns to end up in the wrong hands. There should be no state laws that allow people who are unstable and medicated to legally buy weapons like what happened in the Virginia Tech massacre and to take out problems like the gun show loop hole where it’s easy for criminals to buy guns.

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