Guest Service Management ch 4

Schein suggests that leaders can use all the following mechanisms to define the strength of an organization’s culture EXCEPT
what strategies the organization uses to process cultural information
Another way of transmitting cultural beliefs, values, and norms is through
stories, legends, and heroes
culture helps the organization members deal with two issues that all orgainzations must resolve
how organization members should relate to one another and to the world outside
symbols are
a physical object that has meaning beyond itself
mores are
customary behaviors that must be followed to preserve the organizations efficient operation and survival
guest who _________ become potent assistants to the managers in monitoring, reinforcing, shaping employee behavior
make their expectations plain
through what they do, say, and write, culture-driven organizations seek to define all the following EXCEPT
culture helps an organization’s members deal with issues that all organizations must resolve?
-how to relate to the world outside of the organization
-how the organization’s members should relate to one another
which statement regarding culture change is TRUE?
strong cultural values can remain even in specific applications of values change
a strong culture allows employees to
respond better to the variability in guest expectations
can develop values that differ from the overall culture
relating to the outside world refers to how members of the organization
are supposed to respond to external events
the most important influence on any organizational culture is
the behavior of the organization’s leader
Walt Disney World refers to employees as cast members because
it reminds employees that they are playing “roles” in a show
Leaders in effective hospitality organizations use ________ to recognize and reward the behaviors the culture values

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