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Population harmonizing to Encarta universe English lexicon is defined as the entire sum of people who inhabit an country, part, or country.Population can hence be seen as the figure of persons or people who inhabits an country, part, or state at a peculiar clip. The population of a state is chiefly determined by a periodic “ caput count ” of people within a state, this periodic count is besides known as nose count. Census therefore is a consistently study intended to detect the whole population of a province at that clip, given specific feature of such people, features such as ; age, gender, matrimonial position.

The survey of population is referred to as human ecology, while expert who count and analyse such figures are referred to as demographists.

Before 1925 the entire universe population was less than 3billion, nevertheless as at 2007 demographists estimated the universe population to 6.6billion and 6.8billion in 2009 ; this illustrates that the universe population is increasing geometrically as postulated by British author Thomas Malthus 200years ago. It is suspected that the rate at which population is turning, demographists estimate that in 500 old ages to come the universe population would make 25quadrillion.

The major factors responsible for this high turning population are as a consequence of high birth rate and low decease rate, high in-migration and low out-migration. Therefore many states have adopted assorted population control steps and to some extent has helped cut down their populated growing rate, but non to the expected degree of decrease. These adopted steps taken by provinces to command their huge turning population are viewed below ;

One of such control step is the 1 kid household adopted by China in 1980s, in this policy twosomes were encouraged and were sometimes oblige to hold merely one kid. In this policy households with one kid were given inducements by the authorities such as ; revenue enhancement vacation, payment of school fees by the authorities, while households with more than one kid were non favoured or assisted by the authorities, for illustration households with 3 kids could ensue into a cut of rewards for the parents by the authorities.

This policy has been able to cut down the birth rate in China to a big extent, which evidently led to the decrease of population in China particularly during the period it was practised. This above fact is proved by demographists who believe the Chinese population could hold risen up to 1.78billion in 2007 as against the present 1.3billion of their present population.

Another method adopted by many states of the universe to command birth rate is the usage of preventives. Contraceptives are devices used in order to forestall fertilisation of a female egg, for illustration the usage of a rubber either worn by the male or female during sexual intercourse or pills taken often by females. This method is largely adopted by few educated persons who believe in birth control ; besides states like China and India have adopted this method ; nevertheless India were recorded to hold succeeded with merely comparative little successes, while in China preventives were given for free. Harmonizing to Joshua.S, this contributed to the autumn of China ‘s birthrate from 6 kids per adult female to about 2.5 per adult female.

Abortion is another method of commanding birth ; abortion is defined by the Encarta English lexicon as an operation or other intercession to stop a gestation by taking an embryo from the uterus. In some states such as the U.S, abortion has been legalised. In China which has the largest population in the universe, abortion is non merely legalised but besides free to citizens of China. Harmonizing William Jefferson Clinton Memorial Library abortion is now the most widely adept signifier of birth control in the universe and is legal in 172 countries.A There were approximatelyA 50 millionA abortions in the universe in 1994.Therefore to an highly great degree abortion has been used to cut down or command unwanted gestation and unwanted kids therefore to some extent commanding the population.

Immigration policy is one of the major agencies of commanding population,

Such in-migration method include quota system ( this is a policy in which specific figure of people from different states would be allowed to come in the state that have adopted this policy ) . Harmonizing to Jon C. Pevehouse, most industrialized states try to restrict in-migration from the planetary South. Through in-migration policies population to some extent can be limited and controlled.

Another manner in which provinces have been able to command population is through the debut of household programmes in other to work out the job of rapid population growing. For illustration in India, the authorities introduce programmes that advocate smaller households ; like the usage of preventives, educating them on the demand for healthier household planning. Harmonizing to Jon Pevehouse “ Mexico ‘s strong but non coercive household be aftering plan, adopted in 1974 cut birth rate in half over 15years, to 2.7 per adult female ( and 2.4 as of 2009 ) ” when looking at the statistics it is quit agreeable that through this method of forming household or birth control programmes population can be controlled to some extent.

Another method that has been adopted by different provinces in order to command the turning rate of population is the promoting of world-wide sex instruction among young person particularly in schools. This is an effectual and more sensitive manner of commanding population. Here, young persons are educated on how to forestall unwanted gestation through the usage of preventives, they are besides advised and encouraged on how to abstain from early sex, this to some extent, helps cut down unwanted babes therefore commanding population.

Another method that have greatly been adopted and encouraged by different provinces ; like U.S, China in order to command population is the usage of sterilisation. English Encarta dictionary defines sterilisation as a surgical procedure that put a halt to reproduction by entire or partial remotion of the generative variety meats. This method has even been legalized in the U.S and harmonizing to an article on the control of population by William Jefferson Clinton Memorial Library there have been different stairss taken by different international organisations like ; UN, I.P.P.F, W.HO, U.S. Aid, World Bank, and other population control groups in the attempt of legalising sterilisations all over the universe. Through the usage of sterilisation population can be controlled. This nevertheless is a petroleum control step.

Another method of commanding population growing which has been encouraged of recent and some states contending against favoritism of these people, ( even though it is traditionally against the norms of household ) , is homosexual activities around the universe. Harmonizing to Anthony Giddens homosexualism involves the attractive force for individuals of one ‘s ain sex, Anthony postulate that in some non-western civilizations homosexualism is practiced and even encouraged among some groups like ; the Batak people of northern Sumatra. Homosexuality to some extent reduces birth rate ; this is because kids can merely be produced by two opposite sex, therefore in order to cut down population, organisations advancing homosexualism has been supported even by U.S harmonizing to an article by William Jefferson Clinton Memorial Library.

Monogamy is another method in which has been able to cut down or command population. Monogamy is a type of matrimony pattern which allows a individual to be married to one other individual at a clip which minimal figure of kids they can provide for. Harmonizing to Jonathan Blundell the jurisprudence in Britain and in other western states merely allows person to be married to another individual at a clip, and that holding more than one spouse is a condemnable offense ( this pattern of holding more than one spouse at a clip is called bigamy ) . To some extent these Torahs have been able to command population.

Through all this processes mentioned above, turning population to some extent have been able to be controlled, nevertheless population have non been adequately and sufficiently controlled as intended. This is due to different factors that hinders and limit the effectivity of all the above population control methods. These restrictions are emphasized below ;

The one kid birth control adopted by China was non successful as intended because this policy created many jobs: one of the jobs this policy created is an inequality or instability in the population, ( more male childs than misss ) this is because most twosomes wanted a male kid to be the inheritor, therefore misss who were foremost born were given away for acceptance, sold or even allowed to decease. The twosomes could so hold a 2nd kid.

A 2nd ground for the failure of this policy is because this policy was enforced more in metropoliss than state side, therefore there were more kids in the state side and instruction was better in the metropolis, therefore as a consequence China were bring forthing fewer educated people. This ground contributed to the abolition of this policy. This policy is against cardinal human right, in fact it is seen as one of the crudest method of birth control, this is possibly why planetary organic structures have criticized this policy therefore the Chinese policy has now diminished and China is seeking to keep down population growing by encouragement instead than force.

The usage of preventives as a method of birth control is nevertheless hampered or hindered by spiritual trusters and philosophies. Harmonizing to Jonathan Blundell the Catholic church, which had great influence in Latin America and other portion of the universe, opposes the usage of contraceptive method apart from this method is besides uneffective in developing states like Africa because of the low rate of literacy and traditional beliefs. for case among the Yoruba and Hausa folk in Nigeria the figure of kids a adult male posses is seen as a step of wealth, this explains why this peculiar control method is non wholly effectual towards the turning population of the universe.

Abortion which became legal in 1967 in the U.S, harmonizing to Jonathan Blundell has generated controversial augment about when precisely a fetus becomes a babe. The effectivity of this step is nevertheless hindered by spiritual belief and philosophy who belief that abortion is a homicidal act therefore detering other states of the universe from following this “ iniquitous ” method.

Immigration policy such as quotation mark system, this method is nevertheless rough and to a big extent may non be efficient because the authorities can non find the figure of people that would migrate into their state whose grounds for coming into the state are sensible and of import. It should be noted that this policy can merely be adopted by the developed universe because of the pull factors such as good occupations, societal comfortss bing in their state which attract people into their state.

Another population control method is the usage of sterilize have been discouraged due to spiritual beliefs and philosophies, this method is hazardous barely practiced because it is a lasting method of commanding childbearing or it consequences to lasting sterility.

The controlling of population through homosexualism is to a really big extent ineffective, this is because a batch of faiths do non prefer this position and tribades can besides bring forth kids through the usage of sperm implant in a adult female ‘s uterus. This pattern is besides against the traditional norm of a household.

The pattern of monogamousness is non effectual because this method is a personal determination. Some persons may take to prosecute in multiple matrimonies, particularly when their faith and tradition licenses it, for illustration among the Church of jesus christ of latter-day saintss in Utah in USA multiple matrimonies were allowed which can finally give rise to more kids like the instance of Tom viridity who have five married womans and 20 nine kids as at 2007. Among the Africans multiple matrimonies are common even within the upper category ; this likely explains why the population addition rate in Africa is higher than any other portion of the universe.

Last tradition is besides responsible for the failure of population control step. For illustration among the Africans early matrimony is encouraged for the misss at that place by doing them bring forth more kids therefore dwelling the universe.

In decision, there are several population methods to command both high birth rate ( in developing states ) and high in-migration rate ( in developed states ) . These control measures to a really big extent have played their functions and decreased population because when one compares the population growing rate to that of ten old ages ago, one can asseverate their effectivity. However, the population control steps have non been able to wholly halt population growing.

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