What are the groups of the Social Technographics Ladder?
Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators, Inactives
Definition of Groundswell.
A social trend in which people use technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from institutions.
What are the technologies of the Groundswell?
Blogs, User- Generated Content, Podcasts; Social Networks; Wikis; Forums, Ratings and Reviews; Tags; RSS and Widgets
Why do people participate in the Groundswell?
keeping up with relationships; making new friends; succumbing to social pressure; paying it forward; altruistic impulse; gawker impulse; creative impulse; validation impulse; affinity impulse
Name the objectives you can pursue in the Groundswell along with its matching business function.
listening- research, talking- marketing, energizing- sales, embracing- development, supporting- suppot
Describe each of the objectives in the Groundswell.
listening- research to better understand customers
talking-spread messages about your company
energizing- supercharge word-of-mouth
embracing- integrate your customers
supporting- help customers support each other
Give some advice about developing your strategy.
(1) create a plan (2) think through the consequences (3) put somebody in charge (4) use good care when selecting agency and technology partners
Name the four-step planning process.
people, objectives, strategy, technology (POST)
What is the Groundswell approach- avoidance syndrome?
Anxiety at the thought of participating in social technologies balanced by the anxiety at the thought of missing out.
What are two problems when listening to the Groundswell?
(1) You will not hear from everybody. (2) There is a lot of volume.
What are two listening strategies?
(1) Set up your own private community. (2) Begin brand monitoring.
What are the key groups no matter the technological profile?
creators and critics
Why is the Groundswell happening?
people, technology, economics (PET)
What are some differences between Traditional marketing and Groundswell marketing?
Traditional = shouting (mass marketing)
Groundswell = conversing
Describe the marketing funnel.
awareness -> consideration -> preference -> action -> loyalty

Groundswell marketing (talking with customers) = consideration, preference, action

Traditional marketing (talking to customers) = positioned at the very front of the funnel

Name some techniques for talking with the Groundswell.
post a viral video; join the blogosphere; create a community; engage in social networks
When should companies use social networks?
use technographic profile to verify your customers are in social networks; move forward if people love your brand; see what’s out there already; create a presence that encourages interaction
Name some tips for successful blogging.
listening; determine the goal; estimate the ROI; develop a plan; rehearse; develop editorial process; design the blog and its connection site; develop a marketing plan; be honest; conversing
What strategy makes sense when you have problems talking with the Groundswell?
viral videos -> awareness problem
social networks -> word-of-mouth problem
blogs -> complexity problem
communities -> accessibility problem
What does energizing mean?
figuring out ways to promote word-of-mouth
What are some techniques for energizing enthusiasts?
tap into customers’ enthusiasm; create a community to energize your customers; participate in and energize online communities
How do you make a blog work?
people with common interest; content; patience and policy
How do you make forums and wiki’s work?
(1) prime the pump (2) start small (3) reach most active customers (4) plan to drive traffic to your community (5) build in a reputation system (6) let your customers lead you
What is the Groundswell effect when it comes to embracing customers?
Customers are wanting to tell your company what to do and are actively complaining and praising your product on forums, blogs, etc. They are now part of the process.
Define embracing the Groundswell.
Making the customers an integral part of the way you innovate, with both products and process improvements.
What is crowdsourcing?
asking the Groundswell to provide you with ideas
What are the three steps to transform culture to embrace the Groundswell?
Transformation in thinking and action needs to occur in a step by step manner.
A plan and vision need to be developed.
Organizations committed to this need executive support.
Name the steps in preparing for a transformation.
(1) start small.
(2) educate your executives.
(3) get the right people to run your strategy.
(4) get your agency and technology partners in sync.
(5) plan for the next step and for the long run.
What are some benefits of tapping the Groundswell?
connecting with employees for bottom-top feedback.
ways of communicating with employees.
ways for employees to share with each other.
Name some strategies for nurturing the Groundswell.
management must permit and encourage dissent/ open participation.
change needs to start at the top.
think about level of participation for success.
staging works better than strong arming.
consider the opportunity lost by not harvesting in this potential.
What is ubiquitous Groundswell?
Idea that the Groundswell is about to become embedded within every activity of our lives.
Name the principles for Groundswell thinking.
never forget it is about person-to-person contact.
be a good listener.
be patient.
be opportunistic.
be flexible.
be collaborative.
be humble.
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