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The word myth means narrative. Peoples who believe myths are true. utilize them to understand life and decease. Myths are spiritual – a manner of researching. Myths are believed by the Greeks. Origin is mythos. ( Philip 8 ) . Many mythologies tell how the Godhead came from a cosmic egg aboriginal ocean. Brahma who was the first Hindu God is said to hold been born from a aureate egg that floated on the first Waterss. ( Philip 8 ) . The goddess I am researching is Aphrodite. The Grecian Goddess Aphrodite represents values of import to the ancient Greeks and the qualities are still relevant today.

Aphrodite looks beautiful. She has curly and brown hair. ( “Aphrodite” 1 ) . Her symbols are the dove. the myrtle tree. the rose. the apple and sometimes the sparrow and the swan. ( Petras 9 ) . The failings that Aphrodite and Helen of Troy argued about who is the most beautiful. ( “Greek Mythology” 1 ) . Aphrodite is goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite was the girl of Zeus and Dione. ( Petras 1 ) . Her enemy is Helen of Troy because they argued about who looks better. ( “Greek Mythology” 1 ) .

The myth of Aphrodite is she is the 1 who turned the statue Galatea into a life adult female for Pygmalion and helped Hippomenes win the just Atlanta. ( Petras 8. ) Another myth told of Aphrodite was that she was with heroes and she has gotten stuck in wounded by one of the pointers and she fell in love with person called Adonis was killed by a boar one twenty-four hours and Zeus allowed him to come back to Earth for 6 months in the underworld because she was so disquieted. ( Ingpen 8 ) . Although and there it is non a lesson learned from these myths these myths are still interesting to read about. Plants Cited

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