Grassroots Marketing

different names for grassroots marketing (4)
-viral marketing
-guerilla marketing
-street teams/e-teams
-peer to peer
3 reasons to choose this style of marketing
-competition for brain space, air time (it’s hard to get above the noise and other labels have money)
-drive to be unique and different in marketing strategies (it’s the competition for the attention of the consumer that has driven marketers to find alternative methods)
-opinion leaders (they are targeted because they help push the message out)
what does word of mouth marketing do and what do you need to provide/do for those people
-identify people most likely to share their opinions
-have to provide tools to those people that enable them to share that info
-study those people to see how they’re using those tools
-strategy for detractors
wom marketers are called ______ beacuse…
-because they’re so passionate about what they’re talking about
street team members are also called
-volunteer ambassadors
street teams were originally formed as an alternative for….
traditional marketing for music that had no chance of getting airplay
characteristics/benefits of street teams
-they promote things where the target market can be found
-ties to the life style of the target market
-since they’re fans of the band they’re organically connected to the lifestyle of the target market
reasons street teams exist
-it’s a lot cheaper
-some target markets aren’t responsive to other media
what is sniping
where you put up posters around an area
tools for street teams include
street team MUSTS to keep them happy
-express your gratitude
-recognize them somehow
-help them own the process/ownership/it’s their work
-help them internalize that message
-regular communication
-make them feel important and like they’re on the inside
-free stuff
things people on the E-Team do for music people
-collecting articles and links that are out there-clipping service for online mentions
-cultivating and supporting other websites that are of interest to the target market (equipment, guitar sites, charitable, clothing)
-managing search engines and search engines submissions, making sure you’re coming up higher
-writing fan reviews

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