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We appreciate your desire to join us and wish you every success during your orientation and training period. You will soon learn that what you are about to do in your new position can bring happiness and self satisfaction regardless of whether your job has you performing directly in front of the public or in support of those who do.

All of us were inexperienced in the Ameristar philosophy of customer service when we started, so you will find the supervisors and managers understanding of your need to be properly trained and ready to help, if and when you need them.

We also know you will have many questions about your job, company policies, the “DO’S AND DON’TS”, promotional opportunities, and your own opportunities to grow. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because answering those questions are important to us both, and don’t be afraid of making a mistake, it is from our mistakes that we learn our best lessons and grow.

Because this may be your first exposure to the hotel – casino industry, it will be helpful to give you a brief outline of the areas that make up our facility. There are four main divisions: Food and Beverage, Casino,

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Marketing, and Hotel. In addition, there are the very important support areas such as Human Resources, Purchasing/Receiving, Security and Accounting.

Within each main division, there are departments. The Food and Beverage Division, for example, takes care of the restaurants and kitchens and operates the lounges.

The Casino is responsible for generating the majority of the Reserve’s revenue. Table Games, Keno, Sports Book, Slots, and Bingo are all part of the Casino operations.

The Front Office, PBX, Valet, Reservations, Gift Shop, Housekeeping and Environmental Services are all a part of the Hotel Division.

The fourth division, Marketing and Sales, has the vitally important job of selling the hotel’s products, food and beverage, casinoand THE RESERVE’S IMAGE! Although Marketing promotes the facility, every employee working at The Reserve Hotel & Casino needs to sell the facility to our guests! It is our job, as Team Members, to inspire our guests to return to The Reserve.

As time goes on, you will become familiar with all phases of the operation and the key people who manage and work each area. Initially, try to become familiar with the people you will be in the closest contact with.

The EVS/Housekeeping Department is comprised of the following:




Two Primary Goals of the EVS/Housekeeping Department are:


The Reserve Hotel & Casino maintains the highest standards of service. Every effort must be made to accommodate and service our guests and fellow employees.


Quality is of the highest priority. All of our guests MUST be able to relax in CLEAN, QUIET, and COMFORTABLE Surroundings.



2.     Guest interactions are efficient, expedient, and professional.

3.     All guest interactions for information or services are followed through until guest satisfaction is achieved.

4.     Employees at all levels demonstrate initiative and follow through in satisfying guests.

5.     Employees anticipate guest needs by suggesting services.

6.     Employees make consistent efforts to thank every guest and encourage them to return.

7.     When dealing with guest complaints, employees portray an attitude of concern, acknowledge the inconvenience, and offer alternatives.

8.     All employees are knowledgeable about information for each area, hours of operation, facilities, and established guidelines of special programs and promotions.

9.     Employees are in proper uniform and meet The Reserve’s grooming standards.

10.     Employees are aware of department procedures and guidelines.

11.     All facilities and equipment are kept clean and maintained in proper working order.

12.     Responsibility is taken by all employees to ensure that cleanliness is maintained in all work areas.

13.     Responsibility is taken by all employees to ensure a safe and supportive work environment.




1.     Recognize and acknowledge our guests.

2.     NEVER say “No” or “I don’t know” – offer an alternative.

3.     Anticipate our guests’ needs – try to exceed their level of expectation.

4.     Always use English or the appropriate language when necessary.

5.     Always use proper diction and etiquette when speaking to guests and fellow employees.

6.     Always establish eye contact with our guests. Do not stare in another direction when speaking with a guest.

7.     Always address our guests as Sir or Ma’am, i.e. “Excuse me Sir” or “Ma’am, please watch your step”.

8.     Use the guests’ name whenever possible.

9.     Always act professionally and sincerely towards our guests and fellow employees.



1.     Be friendly at all times to your co-workers and especially to guests. The term “Sir” or “Ma’am” prefaced with “Yes” or “No” should be used at all times when speaking to guests and fellow employees.

2.     Treat your fellow employees with courtesy and respect and expect the same treatment in return.

3.     If you have a problem, bring it to your supervisor on duty.

4.     If you have any special suggestions which you feel will improve your job and the results, discuss them with your supervisor.

5.     Be a team worker. The results obtained by working together are far greater than individuals working alone.

6.     Respect has to be earned. Hard work and cooperation are the basis upon which it is built.

7.     By selling yourself, you will be selling The Reserve. What you say and how it is said is very important to our guests and employees. Be sincere and courteous in what you say.

8.     A warm smile creates a guests’ and/or co-workers’ first impression of you. Remember that once you put on your uniform and begin your job, you are “on stage”. Always smile and greet guests with a Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening.

9.     Remember – you represent The Reserve Hotel & Casino. Always look your best at work. It is important that you handle yourself in a business-like and professional manner at all times. This will make you feel great and your attitude will be better.



1.     Departmental rules will be read, understood and signed.


3.     You will be expected to report to work on your assigned days at the assigned time. It is YOUR responsibility to know your schedule.

4.     You are to report to work on time. That means in uniform and in your work area at the starting time listed on your schedule. If you are late and have not reported your tardiness, you may be sent home for the day.

5.     Special requests for days off, vacation, or leave of absence must be channeled through EVS/Housekeeping Management.

6.     Foul language, loud discussions and bad manners will not be tolerated.

7.     Please restrict yourself to your work/break areas, dressing rooms and employee cafeteria. If you are in an unauthorized location, unknown to your supervisor, disciplinary action may result.

8.     Visiting with friends that work with you can be done in the cafeteria during your breaks. Do not leave your work area to visit another area. Do not loiter in unauthorized areas.

9.     Chewing gum, smoking, or drinking (other than water in designated areas) will not be permitted while working. Such activities are restricted to designated break areas and the employee cafeteria.

10.     Personal phone calls will not be accepted on your behalf. Only in an emergency should a member of your family contact you at work. Please use pay phones in the employee areas for outgoing calls.

11.     Insubordination will not be tolerated. Refusing to comply with a reasonable request of a supervisor or supervisor on duty may be considered insubordination and may result in disciplinary action.

12.     All equipment will be issued and returned. You will be trained to take care of the equipment and your schedule will allow you to do so. Failure to return all equipment as issued, or to report defective or faulty equipment may result in disciplinary action.

13.     The Reserve’s belongings are not to be removed from the facility. Any item being taken off the property must be authorized with a signed property pass from your Department Head.

14.     For your safety, we will supply you with the necessary tools and supplies to perform your duties. DO NOT BRING ANY SUPPLIES FROM HOME FOR ANY REASON. Failure to comply with this department rule will result in disciplinary action.

15.     Equipment that is assigned to you MUST NOT BE LEFT IN ANY PUBLIC AREA during your break time. It is to be stored in a secure area. At the completion of your workday, equipment is to returned to its’ designated storage area.

16.     ATTENDANCE POLICY / SICK CALLS: If scheduled for work, you must make every effort to notify your supervisor (in advance) of any illness or reason for not reporting to work on time. By accepting your position, you have an obligation to fulfill the duties to the best of your ability. You MUST call the EVS/Housekeeping sick call number for your department at least (2) two hours prior to the start of your shift if you are unable to attend work. Sick call numbers are open 24 hours a day.

17.     Treat all fellow employees as you wish to be treated.

This policy does not contain a promise of any kind and the employee remains free to terminate the employment relationship at-will, as does the employer. THE RESERVE retains the discretion to alter, amend, change, modify, or rescind any or all policies at any time with or without prior notice to employees.


1.     All employees must read, understand and sign trash removal procedures. Remember…Exercise caution when handling trash. NEVER reach into wastebaskets to empty them or to retrieve contents.

2.     Be sure ladders are in good condition.

3.     Never stand on the top of a stepladder

4.     Handle all electrical equipment with dry hands. NEVER pull the cord to unplug electrical equipment; pull out the plug. NEVER operate electrical equipment near water unless it is specifically designed for that purpose.

5.     Check the condition of all equipment before and after you complete a task. Report any defective equipment or needed repairs to your supervisor immediately.

6.     Tools or articles should never be placed on top of lockers, stepladders or in the stairwell.

7.     Wear rubber gloves when using strong detergents and chemicals that may be harmful.

8.     Sweep up broken glass. NEVER pick it up with your hands.

9.     Read, understand, and follow all safety instructions before operating any equipment.

10.     Keep spills mopped up to avoid stains and accidents.

11.     Keep work areas, closets and storage areas neat, clean and tidy.

12.     Place WET FLOOR signs at both ends of any area being mopped, scrubbed, or washed.

13.     Do not block aisles or hallways with any equipment.

14.     Exercise extreme care when buffing floors so that the machine does not strike someone or bump walls or furniture.


16.     Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available at the chemical stations, Purchasing office, and through your immediate supervisor or manager.

17.     When cleaning any bodily fluids use extreme caution as well as gloves and proper disposal procedures.

18.     NEVER try to lift any object by yourself that would ordinarily require two people to handle.

19.     Always wear your safety belt when lifting, hauling, or twisting heavy objects. A heavy object is anything over 20 lbs.

20.     Shoelaces must always be tied.

21.     Safety glasses and ear protection must be worn whenever operating equipment that recommends the user utilizes safety equipment.

22.     Remember to be aware of your environment and co-workers whenever you are working.

23.     Familiarize yourself with Safety Exits and Fire Extinguishers in your area. If you smell smoke or actually see a fire, go to the nearest telephone and press “57”. This will connect you to the emergency telephone operator. Tell the operator WHAT the problem is, WHERE it is, WHO you are. BE SPECIFIC and SPEAK CLEARLY and SLOWLY. The operator will contact all the necessary people.


Pagers and radios are provided to assist us in the prompt delivery of services to the guests and our facility. The disruptive noise and unnecessary interruption should be kept to a minimum.

The following guidelines are to followed while using pagers and/or radios:

1.     Pager/Radio volumes should be kept at the minimum level possible.

2.     Do not allow pagers to continue to “beep”. They should be silenced immediately upon hearing the signal.

3.     Pagers should not be used indiscriminately. Messages that can wait until you see a person should not be conveyed by pager.

4.     All necessary pages should be coordinated through the supervisor on duty. Do not page team members unless absolutely necessary.

5.     You are DIRECTLY responsible for your assigned radio and/or pager.


Maintenance needs can only be repaired if the Facilities department knows about them. We are the eyes and ears of the maintenance team. All repair needs should be reported to your supervisor or clerk on duty. The supervisor or clerk will then report the discrepancies to the Facilities department. If the repair has not been made in a reasonable amount of time it should be reported to the EVS/Housekeeping Manager.

Welcome to the Housekeeping Department.

Prior to your working on the floors, you will receive instructions on what is expected of you in your daily work requirements, and standards of cleanliness commensurate to the policies and procedures of The Reserve. Your training will start in the training room where you will go over rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and view videotapes for your benefit. You will then move to an actual work area and will be shown how to clean and why it needs to be done in that order.

You will be placed on a 90-day introductory period during which time your work will be evaluated. We’ll help you “fine tune” your performance, but you must fulfill our requirements for the position or dismissal could result.

As a new team member, you will be assigned to a work area on a daily basis. All shifts are for 8 hours. You will be expected to remain in your station unless given permission to leave by your Supervisor. Regular full time team members will work 40 hours per week unless business dictates otherwise. Please review your Team Member Handbook and this manual from time to time.

Each and every person in our department is important to us. The EVS/Housekeeping Manager’s office is always open to you for legitimate complaints or any discussions you feel necessary in order to complete your assigned duties.

Welcome aboard as part of our Reserve Housekeeping Team!

Follow the procedures as outlined.

Parking in any unauthorized area will result in your vehicle being ticketed by Security. You may also receive verbal and/or written disciplinary action up to, and including, termination.

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