Government Unit 4 Study Guide

Qualifications for Presidency
35 years old, live in US for 14 years, be a native born US citizen

Number of terms and length of term
2 terms, 4 years, 22nd amendment

Order of Succession
Vice Pres.
Speaker of House
President Pro tempore of the Senate
Secretary of State
Secretary of the Treasury

Power of the Executive Office
execute laws passed by Congress, veto bills passed in Congress

How does the President check the other two branches?
By veto’s (legislative branch), and appointing judges (executive branch)

Describe the State of the Union
once a year, report on conditions of the country

Describe the role of the Chief Legislator
vetoes, serves on committees, call for hearings or meetings

Describe the role that allows the President to grant pardons and repreives
Chief Executive

Describe the role of Chief Executive
enforces the laws

Explain a reprieve
reduced or suspended sentence

Explain amnesty
granting pardon for a group of people

Check power of the Supreme Court
Judicial Review

Executive Agreement
international agreement, with ratification by Senate

Executive Privilege
ability not to have to provide certain information, does not have to testify

Explain pardon
complete forgiveness for federal defense

Executive Order
law created right out of Executive branch, no bill process to go through

formal agreement between nations

White House Cabinet
secretary of treasury, states specially trained, subject specialists

White House Office
close knit, appointed by President, work in office

Inner Cabinet
the informal inner circle of a cabinet

Which office controls access to the President?
Executive Office, national security council

departments and agencies that work together, committees

Government Corporations
businesses ran by Congress

Civil Service
civilians that do government work

Pendleton Act
federal law, established method for hierring government officials according to exam or criteria

practice of giving jobs to supporters or friends

Iron Triangle
policy, relationship between agencies

Congress power/check over the President and bureaucracy
congress can de-fund bureaucracies, override veto

Cabinets Departments
DOD, NSA, FBI, FCC, Homeland Security, Secretary of State

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