Government Chapters 15 & 16

What is a bureaucracy?
an efficient and effective way to organize people to do work
Describe the organization of the Executive Office of the President
It is a complex organization of several separate agencies staffed by most of the presidents closest advisors and assistants
What is known as the nerve center of the EOP?
The white house office
What is the OMB and what is its most influential task
office management and budget. Its task is the preparation of the federal budget which the president must submit to congress in January or February of each year.
What is the role of the secretary of an executive department
strives to promote and protect his or her department with the white house, with congress, and its committees with the rest of the federal bureaucracy with the media and the public.
What are the three types of independent agencies
What was the spoils system?
The practice of giving offices and other factors of government to political supporters and friends.
What act was created that developed our federal civil service system?
The Pendleton act
What is the OPM?
The federal Government’s central personnel agency. It is an independent agency in the executive branch. It advertises for employees, examines those who apply, and keeps registers list of those applicants who pass tests and are qualified for employment.
Why does Congress exercise the taxing power?
to raise money needed to operate the federal government
Which amendment created the income tax?
Which federal tax raises the largest amount of money each year?
individual income tax
Identify five non-tax sources of revenue.
Passports, copyrights, patents, trademarks, and use of national park campsites.
Why does the Federal Government borrow money?
To meet cost of short and long term crisis situations and to finance large scale projects that could not be paid for out of current income.
What does the Federal Government spend the most on from the money it raises?
Department of Health and HUman Services
What is the difference between controllable and uncontrollable spending
Controllable is when the congress and President decides on how much will be spent on what the government does and uncontrollable is like interest rates. They just pop up.
Who is the department of State secretary?
John Kelly
Who is the department of the interior secretary?
Sally Jewell
Who is the department of Agriculture secretary?
Tom Vilsack
Who is the department of treasury secretary?
Jacob J. Lew
Who is the department of justice secretary?
Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.
Who is the department of Commerce secretary?
Penny Pritzker
Who is the department of labor secretary?
Thomas E. Perez
Who is the department of defense secretary?
Ashton Carter
Who is the department of housing and urban development secretary?
Jullian Castro
Who is the department of energy secretary?
Ernest Moniz
Who is the department of transportation secretary?
Anthony Foxx
Who is the department of education secretary?
Arnie Duncan
Who is the department of veteran’s secretary?
Robert McDonald
Who is the department of health and human services secretary?
Sylvia Burwell
Who is the department of homeland security secretary?
Jen Johnson
Independent Executive Agencies define
agencies headed by a single administrator with regional subunits but lacking cabinet status
Independent Executive Agencies examples
American battle monuments commission, citizens stamp advisory committee, and migratory bird conservation commission
Independent Regulatory Commissions define
created by congress designed to regulate important aspects of nations economy beyond reach of presidential control.
Independent Regulatory Commissions examples
Government corporations define
corporations within the executive branch subject to Presidents direction and control, set up by Congress to carry out certain business like activities
Government corporations examples
US postal service, FDIC, National railroad passenger corporation
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